Свадьба Джастина Бибера и Хейли Болдуин

Свадьба Джастина Бибера и Хейли Болдуин

25-year-old singer Justin Bieber and his 22 year old girlfriend Hailey Baldwin officially married in September 2018. At the time of the wedding to organize the couple were not due to a severe psychological condition of the young man.

Apparently, the couple finally coped with all the difficulties of their life, because yesterday, September 30, Justin and Haley and I celebrated the holiday. An oath to be together, they gave each other in the Church Chapel Somerset in South Carolina. Place the wedding party was planned at the hotel Montage Palmetto Bluff is located in Bluffton.

The party venue was chosen by the groom, in his words, he often visited this hotel when he wanted to be alone. The party were invited only relatives and close friends of the couple, the guest list, there were only 154 people. Of course, there were also celebrities such as Katy Perry, Joan Smalls.

Justin and Hayley have not yet shared photos from the most important day of their lives. But their guests could not resist not to put in the Instagram photos from the wedding. This is not surprising, because the main entertainment at the party was a huge room for photography where you can make interesting photos.

Date 30.09.2019 at the festival was embellished everything, even the champagne bottles were completely covered with rhinestones, which stood out the numbers. Preparation for the festival was fully bride, so almost all the ideas for decorations belong to her.

Said one insider: “Justin allows her to take the initiative. He jokes that life is better when Haley’s in charge”.

Haley, like all brides, a bachelorette party was held. She said it modestly enough, had invited a few closest friends. The bachelorette party started with dinner in a restaurant, then the girls rode all night to another institution of Los Angeles.


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