The wedding of Diana Shurygina: tiered cake and other surprises

Свадьба Дианы Шурыгиной: многоярусный торт и другие сюрпризы The girl is very worried before the ceremonial event. Diana has managed to choose a dress that will go under the crown, and a restaurant, which will host a Banquet in honour of her marriage with him Slaheny.
Свадьба Дианы Шурыгиной: многоярусный торт и другие сюрпризы

Diana Shurygina married 5 Oct. At the moment the bride is actively preparing for the exciting event. Diane has already selected a site for a holiday for up to 80 guests, as well as leading and ordered a huge cake from the famous pastry chef Alex Kush.

“The guys had originally planned a traditional wedding with a white dress and a large number of guests – shared with “StarHit” the organizer of the pageant Diane Bicharova. – At the same time, we wanted the atmosphere was relaxed, homely and at the same time, the youth, without pathos. So we stopped at the teahouse. Uzbek cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.”

Свадьба Дианы Шурыгиной: многоярусный торт и другие сюрпризы

In the end, the couple chose the teahouse “the Duchess” in Yuzhnoye Butovo and have already ordered a Banquet for 80 people. From Diana is 15 families, and the rest – the friends and relatives of groom Andrew Slavina. Among the guests expected and the stars, some of whom will speak for the young as a wedding gift.

On the occasion of Shurygina ordered a huge cake with a height of 2.5 meters. The author of the culinary masterpiece – a famous pastry chef Alex Kush. The role of the leading wedding entertainers will perform Savva Polyakov and Ivan Kuzmichev.

“Diana already bought a wedding dress, continues Diana. – Will the classic outfit in the floor with a train and veil. After all wedding happens once in a lifetime, and Shurygina as any girl wants everything to be unforgettable.”
Свадьба Дианы Шурыгиной: многоярусный торт и другие сюрпризы

“StarHit” also managed to find out that the bachelorette star blogger is to celebrate one of the capital’s SPA on the eve of the celebration. Shurygina responsible attitude to the wedding. Four days before the wedding on Saturday she held a rehearsal of the festive makeup and the eyelashes. Then Diana visited the workshop of a famous sexologist Paul Rakov in the concert hall “Russia”. In his lectures specialist not only gives women advice on how to be desirable and to awaken their sexuality, but also tells us how to live with a man in marriage and love, harmony and no drama.

Свадьба Дианы Шурыгиной: многоярусный торт и другие сюрпризы

Recall that Diana Shurygina received a proposal from her beloved, a 29-year-old operator, Andrew Slavina in August of this year. The guys met in the spring during the filming of the reality show “hanky-panky with Diane Shurygino” YouTube channel and Andrey Malakhov.

“I liked his cheerful and kind nature, manner of communication, – shared with “StarHit” the 18-year-old Diana. – He supported us morally, because I was still overcome by the haters. With him felt like a stone wall. We’ve been Dating three months and did not leave for a minute.”