The wedding of Carey Carey will be part of a reality show

Свадьба Мерайи Кери станет частью реалити-шоу

American singer , Keri Maria getting married this summer. Accustomed to be always the center of attention the artist wished to and her wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer was the highlight of the year. And personal action should be in the public domain: the wedding of Carey and her rich husband can be seen in the reality program.

According to insiders, the first packer didn’t want their personal moments to everyone. He was never a supporter to show off all his life to the public, but life with Maria changed his usual life. Now he is in every way pleasing to his bride and even agreed to this adventure.
Now Maria is tour, in which they sent a film crew gathering material for the program. Employees claim that the singer performs well in the frame, jokes around and tells funny stories, so viewers will be very interesting to see her and her work.
The wedding of Keri and packer will be held in the Caribbean Islands after the conclusion of the tour of Carey. The singer decided that revealing the wedding could be a wonderful exclamation point in the program of her performances. By the way, the outfit of a celebrity will cost her fiance (James generously assumed all costs) to 500 thousand dollars. On the white dress will be hundreds of embroidered butterflies, created by strands of 14 Karat gold.
And everything in this story perfectly, but there is one “but”: and Maria, and James are still legally married. Maybe for this reason the date of the wedding is yet to be determined.

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