The wedding of Aglaia Shilovskaya was overshadowed by tragedy

Свадьбу Аглаи Шиловской омрачила трагедия 25-year-old actress told about the secret marriage ceremony, which took place a few months ago. In turn, the choice of Aglaia Shilovskaya Fedor Vorontsov told that his desire to make an offer hands and hearts influenced by family circumstances.
Свадьбу Аглаи Шиловской омрачила трагедия

Last year the star of the movie “Vampires” Aglaya Shilovskaya was married to actor Vakhtangov Tetra Feodor Vorontsov. Young people prefer not to advertise training for the big event, wanting to protect details of their personal lives secret from the public. Recently, the actors gave the first joint interview in which has told about the marriage ceremony.

According to the choice of Aglaia, he asked for her hand three to my father’s death. Before you leave this life, the parent Fedor gave his blessing to the marriage. Vorontsov also admitted that the wedding will not change his relationship with the beloved.

“My parents married very late, and I never understood why. Then I realized that if I love a woman and she wants the wedding, you should not resist. When dad was leaving and spring was in the hospital waiting for an operation to amputate his legs, I came to their apartment on the Arbat, lay down on the bed and began to ponder, what do I do while he’s alive. The solution came by itself – to ask the blessing on the day of Aglaia,” shared the young man.

In this difficult life span Shilovsky tried to maintain Vorontsov. According to the actress, she has become more wiser and more experienced.

“We had such a swing: our happiness – and then tragedy… After the wedding I immediately felt a difference before and after. I became much calmer, more peaceful, inwardly already making concessions with myself. And Fedya, may not be aware, but also became more tolerant and some things closes his eyes. It is clear to us: it is forever, and all the difficulties we have to go together, to go to the bones to the family is not broke,” said the girl.

Offer hands and hearts Silvosa received when he was filming in the Crimea. Fedor came to the sweetheart to surprise her by giving the ring to his grandmother. Parents Shilovsky filmed the touching moment on camera. From emotion the girl burst into tears.

In recognition of Aglaia, they differ with Fedor violent characters. If the lovers quarrel, they may even begin to throw each other items. “We are an Italian family,” says the girl. At such moments come to the aid of parents Shilovsky, who instantly turns out to reconcile the raging couple. Aglaya call loved ones in many ways by psychologists.

“I’m in principle a person prone to depression, panic attacks, I even have a Ryder stipulates that everywhere on the set with me should be a mother. Fedor can’t I always carry with me! And my mother soothes me with his presence. (…) At the moment I find it hard to break away from the family, which gives warmth” – shared with Shilovsky