The wedding is: the groom will not forgive Vodonaevoy success

Свадьбы не будет: жених не простил Водонаевой успеха

The presenter told us, which ended with Anton Korotkov.

A few days ago from the blog Alena lost all the pictures with her boyfriend, a tattoo artist Anton Korotkov. Vodonaeva ceased to mention it in their posts. Fans of TV presenter and reporters immediately assumed that this gesture means the end of a relationship that was moving swiftly towards the wedding.

Immediately the press began to occur the possible reasons for the separation. To dot the i, Alain wrote a large message on his page in Instagram, where all laid out on the shelves.

“I just realized and felt the limit, – says TV presenter. — I was wrong. What I’m tired of the stupidity, emptiness, and jealousy of my independence, I said. Even more amazing that I did not expect to pass this man some copper pipe. I was willing to put up with the endless checks of my phone, tantrums and meltdowns, squabbles, changes of mood and unwillingness to grow. And I was looking for a solution. In the end, I realized that my choice fell on the man, not ready to lead nor to go hand in hand, nor to follow the woman, even if she is (stressed) more successful than you. I hear in your address words that are not heard, even from the evil enemies. I was accused… of success.” In over-employment career ladder and the baby and … in growth. I never put success criteria. But I have a week attack journalists, they also attack my PR Director and my assistant. Friends, I’m ready to take a punch, just give it some time. And this is the case, when to remain silent will not work. I get it.”

Despite the separation from the once loved one, Alena does not lose courage and is not going to go into depression.

“If you want to know how I feel, I answer: better than before – continues Vodonaeva. — I have a job, business, friends and my personal life. We are all adults, all understand everything. Yes, breaking up is sometimes very sad. And hurt. But let’s again be honest: who said it was bad? Now I like what’s going on. And I like the other person. Which is surprising”.

The name of the new elect Alain has not yet calls. Perhaps to keep his happiness from prying eyes and ears.

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Anton Vodonaeva started Dating in the spring of 2015. Korotkov even for some time worked as a Director at the presenter, however, due to frequent working conflicts degenerating into personal quarrels, from a family contract guys refused. Despite the fact that the attitude of guys it was hard to call perfect, Allen has repeatedly said that he wants to marry Anton married.

“On a horoscope I a Cancer, Anton – Scorpio – had previously shared with us Alain in an interview. We are so different, that cursing, I can not agree on anything. Draco did not get it, though… six Months ago I was so hysterical that I threw Anton palms. In General, our quarrel is thunder and lightning and shit. Can look, for example, a rap battle, not to agree in opinion, and start a dispute! Like us for 15 years! Then sit down like at school behind a Desk, and clock disassembled relationship. Worse than the “House-2″ on Calvary! I used to, if it wasn’t, in my opinion, once slamming the door, and now learn to listen, to explain. Believe that once us even after the quarrel attracted to each other, then love wins.”

In July 2015 Korotkov proposed to her and she said Yes. Several times the celebration was postponed, and eventually decided to get married July 17, 2017. Yes it is visible, not destiny.

Recall that Vodonaeva was already married. In 2009, she married businessman Alexey Malakaeva, in August 2010 the couple had a son Bogdan. In 2013, Alain and Alex are officially divorced.