Путь к сердцу мужчины: Варум рассказала о любимом блюде Агутина
Singer for many years and enjoy a family recipe.

Leonid Agutin

Angelika Varum manages not only to successfully engage in their own career, but also to run the household. The artist published the personally prepared dinner for her husband Leonid Agutin. Was that Angelica met a favorite dish made from an ancient recipe, which she got on the “inherited” from my mom.

Raw oyster mushrooms don’t look very presentable. At immediately comes to mind is “Mushroom man” Sergio Galindo. But how delicious they were preparing my mom! Fried with lard and onions, and then shifted in a quart jar. It was the main delicacy for the winter! Delicacy, because the refrigerator Donbass sample 70s was not too spacious and the two banks standing at its perimeter, has created a severe lack of space for important products in daily use. Despite the proud title of “preparation for the winter”, oyster mushrooms in the family “went” for three days. So, to the detriment of hate in my childhood the cream cheese and milk, it would be quite reasonable in their place and a couple of cans of harvest!” — said Varum. Now her efforts dish with oyster mushrooms, fell in love with Leonid, who with great pleasure after starring in the show “the Voice” enjoying the cooking of his wife. Among other things, to the evening meal in the house of the star couple is always attached to their pet cat — Scent.

Probably, the ability of Angelica to cook plays an important role in family life artists. Because, as you know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and Varum, it seems, are actively using this proverb. Recall that in this year of Leonid and Angelica celebrated the 18th anniversary of his love.