The way the ex-soloist of “Vintage” called a parody on Helena Temnikova

Образ экс-солистки «Винтажа» назвали жалкой пародией на Елену Темникову During the casting in the show “SONGS” artist performed the song SEREBRO. Room Eugenia Krapovickas not liked by Maxim Fadeev, which she was too strongly reminded Elena Temnikova. However she is still passed to the next stage of selection.

27-year-old ex-soloist of “Vintage” Eugene Polikarpov took part in the casting show “the SONG” of channel TNT. The actress admitted, upset that the disintegration of the group. “I expected it to be a great future. But apparently, it happens in life”, – said the singer. In an interview with a leading Paul Willy Eugene said that he wants to get to the team of Maxim Fadeev.

The brunette sang the song SEREBRO “don’t hurt”, composed by the founder of the label MALFA and Olga Seryabkina. The jury came to the conclusion that Polikarpov is similar to the ex-soloist Elena Temnikova.

“Jack, you just really remind me of one of the singers of the group SEREBRO. So personally I would not like to repeat,” – said Maxim Fadeev.

However, Semyon Slepakov and Timothy’s different attitude to the room of Eugenia. The comedian said that the girl he is “deeply sympathetic as a person and professional.” In turn, Timothy also decided to give a chance Polikarpova and pass it to the next stage of selection. Actress joy knew no bounds.

Eugenia speech provoked discussion in the fan groups devoted to Temnikovo. “Even in the movements reminiscent of Lena”, “would Fadeev her to the group. And appearance is, and the voice. And it is possible to issue for “returning” Temnikov”, “I think the one that she was severely decimated by Lena?”, “Copy”, – commented on in social networks.

Some have found that Fadeev still mad at the former soloist of the group, therefore, refused to vote for Polikarpov. “This only confirms that he can’t forgive Lena departure from the group… Fadeev does not want to repeat, it is precisely for this reason after leaving Casinoi he took her copies,” he said in one of the communities.

At the same time, other fans of Elena, on the contrary, he found that Eugenia is far from their favorite artist. “Not even close to similar. Generally Fadeev for it is unprofessional to evaluate performers based on appearance, She reminds Temnikova only makeup early SEREBRO and behavior on stage… It’s very noticeable, looks like a bad parody. Always have to search for yourself and not copy anyone” – discussed in the Network.

Evgeniya Polikarpova has reviewed public reaction and hurried to answer the accusations of copying Temnikova.

“I want to say to those who believe my invented similarity with Lena T. blueprint – don’t judge me on the way to the show, view photos and listen to the music that I release, and you will understand what I work for, does not seem to work Lena I like the artist very much. You need to understand that it was only an image .Frankly, I’m tired of these comparisons. Tired of reading about it,” said the girl.

According to the girl, earlier it was suspected of trying to become a copy of Anna Pletneva. “Maybe you should decide? Or do you just like glue memes?” – with these words, the artist turned to the followers.