Водная стихия: невероятный показ Fendi в Риме

“Bravo, Maestro!” – I want to cry after watching the Grand show of the fashion house Fendi, arranged by Karl Lagerfeld. But to exclaim there is something! The creative Director managed to create a real fairyland in the heart of Rome – near the Trevi fountain.

The brand, which is one of the main symbols of Italian fashion, celebrated its 90th anniversary in the heart of the Italian capital. Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, not afraid to seem overly sentimental, set up a meeting for its dear guests at the legendary Trevi fountain, so they could fully enjoy the new couture collection Fendi.

Of course, we heard about the large-scale approach Charles to the selection of the set design of their shows, but to transform a famous landmark in the podium… we, honestly, did not expect. The famous designer managed to subdue the water element and create the illusion that the models seemed to float over the water. And to achieve such stunning effect a thick layer of Plexiglas, which is simply placed on top of the fountain.

By the way, as it turned out, the choice of the Maestro was not accidental. Thanks to the fashion house that helped with the restoration of sites, the Trevi fountain can once again impress visitors with its magnificence and grandeur.

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The brand did not change its tradition of working with the most precious materials and used fur in nearly every way the new couture collection. Coats, coats, accessories and even fur elements of decoration on gorgeous gowns, embroidered with sequins… Masters Fendi managed to make a valuable material with a new sound, so the outfits look fresh and relevant.

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