“The VMT for the players is a bust”: the stars of sport have criticized the awarding of the national team

«ЗМС для футболистов — это перебор»: звезды спорта раскритиковали награждение сборной Tatiana Tarasova, Ekaterina Gamova and many others were dissatisfied with the unexpected awarding the title of Honored masters of sports of the members of the football Team. Against the background of their perturbations on the Network real scandal.
«ЗМС для футболистов — это перебор»: звезды спорта раскритиковали награждение сборной

The world Cup has become one of the main events of 2018, and it is connected not only with the fact that the event was held in Russia, but with the incredible success of the national team. Domestic athletes for the first time in history reached the quarter-finals than pleased millions of fans. Appreciated the efforts of the athletes and the government – on July 28 held a team meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during which the Russian players were awarded the title of Honored masters of sports.

The award of the title of high-profile team that is ranked only eighth place, caused outrage in the world of sport. Said volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova, who noted that the honorary title was given to the players unfairly.

“It was assumed that to be the case. Unfortunately, some strange and different in our country the attitude to the achievements of the athletes! Someone to get the title of the VMT you need to win the World championship or become the medalist of the Olympic Games, and someone receives for an exit in 1/4 final! I’m sorry that the title the VMT is impaired,” said Gamow.
«ЗМС для футболистов — это перебор»: звезды спорта раскритиковали награждение сборной

Two-time world champion in volleyball was immediately supported and other prominent sports figures. So, Tatyana Tarasova is confident that the heroes of the world Cup is very powerful backers, and the popularity of the sport.

“I agree with Gamova because she knows what he says, and I know what I’m saying. Of course, the performance of players is a great joy, but awarding the title of honored masters of sport is irrelevant. I think it is wrong to devalue people’s work and receiving their awards. Athletes earn every recognition of the difficult work and outstanding victories. So do not think that the players will take offense at me. They simply have a serious patronage and gratitude of the whole country. Perhaps that is why hear these titles. There are also clear criteria. You need to be a world champion, Europe and Olympic games. So Gamow’s absolutely right,” — said Tarasova.
«ЗМС для футболистов — это перебор»: звезды спорта раскритиковали награждение сборной

Commentator Dmitry Guberniev said that only the victory of Russian players can bring to the streets millions of joyful citizens. That’s just it, in his opinion, is not the reason for the presentation of such loud titles. “I have mixed feelings. In our country, I do know a large number of people who have won world Championships and still are the honored masters of sports. But, in addition to the criterion “result”, there is an important caveat: honored master of sports awarded for services. No Russian team except the football team not be able to render tens of millions of people on the street. From this point of view certainly glad that the guys rated it a high rank. But, you know, looking at the current national team of Russia, we must also somehow not to offend veterans who did a lot for football,” said the commentator.

Olympic champion in figure skating Maxim Trankov also not remained aloof from the scandal. He was sure that the people responsible for awarding the title of honored master of sport, a well thought this through, and to question his justice is not worth it.

“Gamow partly right, but we already used that title in football, is awarded a little by other criteria. There have always been a law that implies that a special decree of the Ministry can award such titles. On the other hand, the standard of the honored masters of sports, the players are unlikely to have fulfilled, becoming the quarterfinalists of the world Cup. If the sports Minister has decided to assign, therefore, found it necessary to do so. He has that legal authority,” — said Trankov.

Anyway, sports fans do not get tired to admire the achievements of domestic players. They hope that the team will continue to delight their spectacular victories and vivid goals. Perhaps this support is a major award for local athletes.

Based on materials “Sports-the Express”, “Championat.com”.