The vine on the prize Bob Dylan: “His songs nobody knows…”

Лоза о премии Боба Дилана: «Его песен никто не знает...»

Russian musician criticized the decision to award the Nobel prize for literature, the American singer Bob Dylan.

As stated by the Swedish Academy responsible for the Nobel prize this year’s award in the field of literature will receive Bob Dylan “for the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.” Their attitude to the newly minted laureate has shared with us Yuri Loza.

Лоза о премии Боба Дилана: «Его песен никто не знает...»
Лоза о премии Боба Дилана: «Его песен никто не знает...»

“I do not understand this choice, says the Vine. — Dylan songs from a musical point of view completely uninteresting. They do not perform the world’s orchestras, instrumentalists don’t play. And the texts… we Have authors for the lyrics has not taken even in the Union of writers. Thought these verses applied to the genre, not poetry. So, to say that the songs can be given the Nobel prize, difficult.”

According to Yury Eduardovich, the Nobel prize of the world has become in the us. “Even more amazing to me, the wording of the merits, for which Dylan received the award. As far as I know, it is awarded for the contribution to world culture, but not in the culture of a country. And to say that the great American culture suddenly became more important than the world, can only be the Americans. They think that there was the European song tradition, the songs Solveig Grieg, which existed 200 years before the birth of Dylan. Took and gave his pocket a prize of his own songwriter. The lyrics of Dylan’s nobody in the world knows, they are not translated into Russian, Japanese, Chinese”.

We will remind that the ceremony of awarding the laureates will take place in Stockholm on 10 December, the day of death of the founder of the prize, Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel.

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