Модель Victoria’s Secret Роузи Хантингтон-Уайтли страдает от неуверенности в себе

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will soon be a mom. With Jason Statham the baby gets here, which will be the first for both. Until that happens, Rosie is quite a secular way of life: attending events and talking to the press. By the way, is in communication with the media the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and told about the total lack of confidence. This is true even of the question of publication of a selfie in Instagram.

According to the British beauties, she feels envy when viewing photos of beautiful girls in social networks and spends half an hour on a perfect selfie. “For a good selfie I need the perfect lighting and filters,” Rosie admitted and said that before you upload the picture in the Network makes up for this a hundred of. Also Huntington-Whiteley did not hesitate to open another secret of her perfect shots instead of one filter it has three (!): “Be realistic. That’s how it works,” said the mannequin.

Apparently, Rosie is not far away from those girls, who are seeing a perfect picture on the monitor or the screen of the phone (tablet), tend to repeat it without thinking about the absurdity of the process of its creation.

Recall, we recently talked about the fact that Rosie got jealous of her lover to colleagues.

Huntington-Whiteley seemed that while she bears a child, her boyfriend is interested in another woman. Specifically, Charlize Theron.

Rosie could not contain his emotions when he thinks about working together Jason and Charlize on the eighth “fast and Furious”. Now, after the shooting, colleagues, crisscrossing the world in support of the picture and therefore spend a lot of time together. And here is Rosie pregnant in these moments feels very alone and abandoned, so even a couple of times went to the premiere with her lover, but he did not communicate once again with Theron.

If there is generally a crime, as they say, is unknown. Knowing what a sincere and reverent feelings Jason has relations with Rosie, we doubt that he is able to change her.