Модель Victoria’s Secret Шанель Иман вышла замуж

Yesterday, the 27-year-old Chanel Iman and her boyfriend, 25-year-old American football player sterling Shepard were married. The event was modest: were invited only the closest, including and fellow model Jourdan Dunn.

Модель Victoria’s Secret Шанель Иман вышла замуж

While photos from the celebration no, remember how was the engagement of stars. “A night full of tears of happiness! I’m so glad the rest of my life I will spend with my better half, my best friend! You’re my everything! Looking forward to the day when I’d be your Mrs. — wrote in Instagram Chanel, holding a photo where you can see the place offers. On the background of night city full of lights, they were surrounded by candles. Shepard knelt on one knee to officially propose to his girlfriend’s hand and heart, and to wear on your finger ring

“Caught and fulfilled his dream… Very excited to spend the rest of my life with you,” wrote sterling in your profile.

Recall that the pair met in November of last year, at a party in honor of the birthday of Victor Cruz. We can say that the couple met through a mutual friend. Cruz and Iman worked together on photo shoots and with shepherd, he was in one American football team. “When I first met him, he was dressed in a suit and looked very well,” said Iman edition of People while working on one of the photo shoots for the collection of New Era’s NFL Sideline Official in July.

The affair began immediately. “I went up to her and offered a drink and that was it,” said Shepard. Despite the fact that just do not asked, they are happy in the relationship and depends on the news, things happen quite rapidly.

“We live at a cheesecake factory, really,” says Iman. “Salmon for him, spinach sauce and some pasta for me.” And of course, cheesecake for dessert. “We always initially say that will do this for one dessert, but then ordered two because we have different tastes in food,” explained the supermodel. “Her eyes are bigger than its stomach,” says Shepard.

American football puts his life in danger at every game. Not infrequently, players get injured on the playing field. Supermodel pray during every game, because he is very worried about its outcome. She is always ready to support your young person. “I know sterling is very strong and confident when playing, but you know, I’m a caring girl.” says a former member of the impressions of Victoria’s Secret.