The victim plastics Egor Holyavin: “I was rescued”

Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света» The star of “House-2” has frankly told about the operations, love, and clinical death. Recently a man came under a barrage of criticism – detractors do not share the interest of Yegor Holavina cosmetic surgery. It turned out, he has a reason to go under the surgeon’s knife.
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»

Loyal fans of the home electroni country remember Yegor Holavina: chubby young man came into the Clearing with an open heart and great love in the main the Princess project – Marina Afrikantov. Relationship the guys did not work, but after leaving the show Halyavin has changed dramatically. The man decided to become the first recognized Russian Ken and already has undergone multiple surgeries to achieve his goal. That motivates him to go under the knife, about unrequited love and near-death Yegor said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”. Victim of plastic surgery Yegor Halavin admitted who provides it

Yegor, a few days ago you in a big way celebrated its 30th anniversary. How was your party in the style of Ken?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Overall everything went as I planned. However, to be honest was very surprised how I took. While the institution was assembled, I was not. I thought maybe, just applaud, be glad, but my appearance out of the box for Ken made a splash. I was very touched by this excitement and emotions. After the guests had lined up in a huge queue to be photographed with me, to give flowers and gifts. At some moment I even felt bad – I went out ten minutes and returned to room. —
Who came to congratulate you?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»There were about 200 people: close relatives, colleagues, friends. Came Vlad Topalov, Julia and Tigran Salibekov, Katya Kolisnichenko, the group “Colors”, singer Gabrielle and many others. —
Why not call Liberg Kadono – you’re friends?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»She didn’t come. Don’t know why. I was very upset. A few days before the holiday, I told her am looking forward to meeting, she was a welcome guest on my anniversary. Mother is also very upset, all the time asking where did Libby. Then I asked her to stop asking that question because he knew that she was not coming. But to call himself her will not. I hope it will gain me and explain everything.—
What are the “chips” was at the party?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Oh, there were so many. There were various photo zone with Ken and Barbie: home press wall, in the scenery of the country-house on the beach. By the way, for the first zone we provide luxury dress in which Anna Kalashnikova was going to marry Prokhor Chaliapin. The wedding did not take place, but the dress for 600 thousand roubles left. —
Wow! The cost of the holiday as a whole?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»I tried to count and I can not. Rent a room – 650 million, 13 makeup artists, alcohol, photographers, videographers… According to my calculations, about 2.5 million.

They say that 30 years for men a very important age. Tell me something has changed to this date?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Right so dramatically, nothing has changed. I think that will come later. But I definitely got a second wind. This holiday inspired me so much and I did! I had so much crazy energy! It’s happiness when your dear people come to congratulate you, to share this day. There was everything: tears and laughter, and hugs. Many I had not seen for many years. For example, a friend came from my childhood where we played together with dolls. We had not seen for 13 years. —
Can be simply summed up?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Yes, my life is so interesting… Analyzed many times and found myself happy from what is happening to me. During this time had its UPS and downs. For 30 years I have accumulated a decent baggage: knowledge, success, inner peace, career. —
What do you mean by “drops”?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»A lot of things. There were some gaps, there were different people. Once I had ordered the murder of four stab wounds. After that, I suffered clinical death and 15 days spent in the hospital. These people still wanted, although four years have passed. The scar on his throat now, for life. It is very hard to remember – I barely got out alive. —
You often discuss, especially in the context of numerous plastic surgeries. Why you suddenly decided to become Ken?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Actually, it all started back in September. I went to an American company made such a proposal. Then I was in a relationship. It was the only time I so much loved. Thought I would give her all my life. Then we discussed the proposal and eventually abandoned – it is dangerous, and indeed I didn’t. But on December 26, when we broke up, I agreed to take this step. Thought it would help me to switch because of losing the closest person to her was very hard. She visited me in the hospital, we still occasionally talk, sometimes help each other, support, but no more. Of course, to lose people is very difficult, but that’s life and we must go further.

Why this company chose you? How was the selection?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»I don’t know how they were selected, but know that the casting was a very long time. Around ten months they were studying applications are the most searched for candidates, but for some reason stopped on me. Their task was not just to take a beautiful boy and finish it to Ken, and to take someone like me and completely change. They needed a response. And imagine I: 150 pounds. —
I know that not all your relatives a happy idea…
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»We even took a family tragedy – relatives on my mother’s side gave a completely incomprehensible reaction to it all, and we don’t talk anymore. Even on the anniversary of their I wasn’t invited. Even when I was on the “House-2” were unpleasant moments: they are rumors spread, it gave a strange interview… you Know, it turns out that from strangers and sometimes even had more support than loved ones. But the parents and sister of course always there. Mom tries to please me – preparing delicious. Although she cries a lot – very worried. It’s about all the operations will know from the press. I make it not say that she was so nervous. —
Egor, criticism of the Network to you hit is simply enormous. How to cope with this onslaught?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Oh, the criticism that I received on the “House-2”, which came in weight 150 pounds do not compare with anything. That’s when I got so many insults, how many did not receive in my life. It was very hard. And now I’m happy. Understand that everyone has their own opinion. Someone goes to gym, someone goes under the surgeon’s knife. This is my life and I choose myself. Although I admit that I read all the comments. Me no hurt except those that relate to future children. They say, do, and genes are not correct and so on. I think that all this will come back to them like a boomerang.

And you already want kids?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Not right now, but yeah. This is my dream. To this, I came in 30 years – to the fact that I want a family and children. Constantly about that I think. —
How to react if your child seeing daddy Ken, want to become like them and to do dozens of operations?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Of course, I will try to dissuade, persuade that it is not necessary to do this. Will tell you that there are other ways to change yourself. But if I think it is really necessary, then I will not mind. —
If you try to dissuade, then why do it all yourself?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»For me, every step is very important. They make me confident, make me feel luxurious, like myself. I am very self-critical, but with every operation see that change for the better and it inspires me.—
How much you need to do operations?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Since January I’ve done 11 already, there are still 19 – it turns out that only 30 pieces. I have endured the navel, doing a rhinoplasty, an eye lift, chin liposuction, removing mucous lumps bisha, increased buttocks… Soon I will create a male chest and abs.—
For the body such medical intervention is very harmful. Health has not deteriorated?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»After the second surgery on the chin and the temperature rose to 39, the pressure surged, heart rate rose – was taken to the hospital. Actually, I have all the time in rehabilitation. Only it ends, how is the next operation all over again. For five months I live in this mode. Wait, when this is all over – very hard.

So why not refuse?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Such thoughts were. Emotionally very tired, wanted to quit. But then I remember what it was before, look in the mirror, I see the goal and go further. Not going to stop.—
Depression happen?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Of course! Even wanted to go to a psychologist. In the hardest of times just get together, get up and go on. Some believe that this deviation, but it is certainly not so. I’m doing this consciously, without fanaticism, not trying to disfigure himself. Clearly understand what is and what I’m doing. —
When all 30 transactions is behind us, what’s next?
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»We have many contracts with model agencies in Russia and abroad, in my image after surgery will be released doll keny, we are shooting, then to one channel to run a show about my transformation. —
I know that on this ground you have even had a conflict with an old friend Rustam Solntsev…
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»I’m not arguing. Although I admit, on my birthday he was in the black list – we were afraid that he would come and didn’t know what we can expect from him. It’s not a bad man, we really were friends, I often called him and asked for advice. But at one point he wanted to be my Director. I didn’t mean to bring friendship into the work, and Rustam led the only material interest he just wanted to earn. Began to impose me their doctors, to try to influence mine. In the end, I said, “Rustam, I’m sorry, but no.” It, apparently, very hurt.—
Many remember you as a humble, shy guy sincerely in love with Marina Afrikantov. You’re so long for it and even flew with her to the Seychelles…
Жертва пластики Егор Холявин: «Меня вытаскивали с того света»Now we do not communicate. Know already out of the project several times I offered her friendship. I didn’t want to lose her as a person, she is no stranger to me – she’s the only one from whom I wanted children. I was madly in love with her! Wanted to support in difficult minute, to share the difficult moments, and she just said, “Oh, Hayley, you’re so good! Of course, we will communicate!” Then don’t even answer my messages.—
Her mother Tatiana on the project said you were the best option for Marina…
She now thinks so. We have a great dialogue. She called and said, “Egor, you – Ken! Marina is the real Barbie! You have to be together!” Life is such an interesting thing – who knows what will happen next.