The victim of the attack relative Lukinyh is on the mend

Пострадавшая в теракте родственница Левкиных идет на поправку The wife of a famous musician, told reporters on the condition of a loved one. 29-year-old Alena was in intensive care after the recent tragic events in Saint-Petersburg. The mother of the young women died, obscuring the daughter with his body.

      Пострадавшая в теракте родственница Левкиных идет на поправку

      3 APR in subway of Saint-Petersburg there was a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 14 people. The whole world expresses condolences to relatives of the victims. For several days the users of social media publishing posts in support of the residents of the cultural capital. Among those who died in the blast, was great-aunt of Mary, Leucinol, the spouse eks-the soloist of group “on-On”. Irina Medyantseva died shielding a 29-year-old daughter Alena. That managed to survive, and she was taken to the intensive care unit.

      The ex-soloist of group “on-On” I lost a cousin in the attack

      Doctors several hours fighting for the life of Alena and gave her the surgery. During the conversation with journalists Mary said that her cousin is in a serious but stable condition. The public did not remain indifferent to a situation in which the family Levkina. Many Internet users supported the family of Vladimir and Maroussi, wanting their loved one to quickly go on the amendment.

      Recently the wife of a famous musician, told reporters about the status of Alena. As it turned out, the prayers of relatives were not in vain. The young woman was feeling better and the doctors allowed the family Lukinyh to visit her. According to Marousi, Allen plans to transfer from intensive care to a regular ward.

      The beloved ex-soloist of the popular group also told of how she and her husband learned about the incident trouble. Marusya Levkin frankly admitted that the news was a real blow for their family.

      “In our country this trend: when something happens in a certain city, then immediately start calling and ask: “is Everything in order?” Of course, he learned about the tragedy in St. Petersburg, all the relatives began to call to her husband, her daughter Irene. And it turned out that the family is in trouble. For us it was a shock. But the family immediately joined in, everyone began calling to offer help,” she said.

      We also add that Irina Medyantseva was well known as the craftswomen. The woman was engaged in production of unique dolls. Irina raised two daughters, Julia and Alain. During the conversation with journalists Mary Levkin told that the other heir to her great aunt is very hard. The wife of the musician regularly tries to get in touch with Julia. “I told her that if we need some financial support, some medicine or something, let me know and we’ll do”, – quotes the edition of Mary