The unrecognized son of bill Clinton asks blue dress Monica Lewinsky

Непризнанный сын Билла Клинтона просит голубое платье Моники Левински

About the adventures of former U.S. President bill Clinton’s written a lot, but that the former head of the White house has an illegitimate son, known to few. Danny Lee Williams has long said that his father is bill Clinton and is willing to prove it by making a DNA examination. Only one problem – where to take the DNA of the folder, which stubbornly refuses to give their biological materials for examination? The output of the man found in one infamous blue dress of Monica Lewinsky, an employee of Oval Committee with whom bill had an affair while he was President of the United States.

Recall that the samples of semen left by Clinton during intimate relations with Monica in 1997, has proved his infidelity to his wife to high office. It cost bill rating and has a crack at them with the Hillary family.
According to the publication, RadarOnline, the man turned to Monica to support him and help to restore justice.
“I know that after the examination Board returned to Monica, and I think part of the biological material for DNA examination there was a way. I pray that she helped me and I am sure that the Clintons have offended her as well as me. I’m sure my father would recognize me, if not for Hillary. I think she convinced him to abandon me because it could hurt her career, but I’m not politics, I just want to know his father,” Williams said and explained how his aunt once took him by the hand and took him to the Clintons. Hillary literally closed the door on them and promised to contact the police.
The father of five children believes that they should have the right to communicate with his grandfather. Throughout his life, the man believed that once the bill recognizes him, but he and to hear does not want. Dani’s not enough money to sue an influential father, and because he wants to go the other way – first to obtain irrefutable proof of relationship with bill.