The unexpected twist to the doping scandal with Alexandre Kruszelnicki

Неожиданный поворот в допинг-скандале с Александром Крушельницким
The Creator of Meldonium commented on the event in Pyeongchang.

Alexander Krushelnitsky

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS

Chemist, one of the founders of Meldonium, — Ivar
The kalvins — believes that the curler Krushelnitska Alexander, acting
pair with Anastasia Bryzgalova (the Western media dubbed her the “Russian
Jolie” and “Russian Megan Fox”), who could have prohibited the drug to spoil
the athlete’s reputation and make samples for doping positive.

About this calvings told The expert is sure: in order
to test for doping was positive, did not have even “fluster”
Alexander. It was enough for a moment or two to take up the empty glass… “Enough for a meager share of Mildronate (Meldonium), then to
to detect it in the blood or in the urine, — the expert assures. — To detect inflammation
the taste of the beverage or food is impossible. He is not bitter, perhaps a little
sweet, has no peculiar taste, no smell, the taste is vaguely
resembles a weak solution of glucose. Pour a few crystals in the food,
to spoil the doping test is not a problem. Besides it is not necessary to pour,
it was enough to take finger on the crystal and hold your finger on the glass of
krushelnitsky which then could drink water. And that’s all. Positive
doping test provided. Just one milligram, then banned
the drug is detected in urine. One milligram is a grain size less
than the seed of the poppy. The crystal itself is absolutely colorless.”

We will remind, after the triumphant conquest of the crew of the Russian curlers
the first bronze medal in history, Alexander Krushelnytskoho in the blood and urine
was discovered Meldonium — drug, banned for use in athletes two
years ago. Sample B and sample A, showed positive results. Alexander
says that extremely negative attitude to the dishonest ways of doing
wrestling and resolute against doping. “My positive test
Meldonium in this regard was for me and Nastia is not just a shock. This is a huge
a blow to reputation and career. Not to mention the fact that only completely devoid of
common sense people can use any kind of doping, and the more
such as Meldonium, ahead of the Olympic games, where testing really
high level, — said the athlete. That’s why I like no other
interested in conducting a speedy investigation to determine the causes
what happened.”