The two-month son Yudashkina Galina flaunts a brutal manner

Двухмесячный сын Галины Юдашкиной щеголяет в брутальном образе A young mother regularly happy baby stylish new clothes. She recently revealed in his microblog photo of charming Anatolia in the trendy bodysuits with tattoo sleeves. Most of the subscribers Galina approved her choice.

      Двухмесячный сын Галины Юдашкиной щеголяет в брутальном образе

      Like any mother, Galina Yudashkin tries to take care of your child, buying him comfortable clothes and bright toys. And sometimes a girl indulges Anatoly little different and trendy clothes. Who knows, maybe the boy will grow up to be a stylist or designer as his famous grandfather, whose name is well known to fashionistas around the world.

      Recently Galina has shown in social networking new clothes the baby — stylish bodysuit in black with bright sleeves, decorated with patterns reminiscent of tattoos. “Our trendy guy resting with the Pope”, — signed photo of Anatoly together with her husband Peter Maklakovym.

      Subscribers Galina was touched a little kid is only 2.5 months, and praised her choice of clothing for charming Anatolia. “Sun”, “Small udalenky Yes, tattoos are hot”, “Cool body”, “Creative”, “Clear boy”, “Pugles” — they expressed their opinion in the comments of the post Umaskini.

      Двухмесячный сын Галины Юдашкиной щеголяет в брутальном образе

      However, body with tattoos had to taste not all who follow the life of Galina in social networks. There were those who said that such drawings are not necessary to wear the child. However, they turned out to be very small. “Keep your opinions to yourself, the taste and color of comrades there. One not very like another, I would buy a jacket for your child” — he wrote them to those who liked the brutal style of Anatolia.

      By the way, a few weeks ago Galina baptized his son. The sacrament occurred in the Metropolitan temple of the Holy Martyr Clement Pope, where the daughter of the famous designer married with her lover. The ceremony was attended by only relatives and close friends of the family Yudashkina, among whom was the singer Olga Orlova. According to the young mom, Anatoly is well behaved and almost never cried.

      Galina Yudashkin baptized son. PHOTO

      We will remind that Galina Yudashkin became a mother in early April of this year. The baby was born in one of the American clinics. A few weeks after the birth of Anatoly Galina returned back to Russia. In his microblog, the girl admitted that motherhood has changed her relationship with her husband Peter Maklakovym. “Now we have not just together with your loved ones, now we are a small family — shared Yudashkin with the subscribers on your page in Instagram.

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