The twins from the movie “the adventures of electronics” owed the Bank 400 thousand

Близнецы из фильма «Приключения Электроника» задолжали банку 400 тысяч Brothers Torsuev are unable to pay a large sum of money. The actors took credit for two. However, when the time came to repay it, they could not afford. Vladimir and Yuri take on any job which brings income.
Близнецы из фильма «Приключения Электроника» задолжали банку 400 тысяч

The stars of the film “the adventures of electronics” for a few months come the agenda of the Khamovniki court with requests to repay the debt to the Bank. Vladimir and Yuri are now business problems.

“The guys are actively working on creating an album and video – says “StarHit” Dmitry, a friend of the twins. – They need to buy expensive equipment. Took a loan of 400 thousand rubles for two, the term has come, and there is nothing to close”.

Torsuev trying to take any job to get the money back. Often, however, they have to deal with cheaters. “We are often invited on television shows – has shared with “StarHit” Vladimir torsuev. After recordings, the producers promise to pay the appearance fee. But when the shooting is over, we are waiting for the promised money to the card, but in fact nothing comes. I know many such policies, but why promise”.

Despite financial difficulties, the brothers Torsuev trying to establish privacy.

“I’m not rich, so the queue of women not, – continues Vladimir. – In favor of an open relationship, to be honest! Now my main concern is daughter Lisa. 9 years old girl already knows a foreign language, a lot of draws and does gymnastics. Once asked her: “Honey, how do you manage everything?” And she answered: “I just like it!” I don’t know if she can star in a movie, but whatever it was, I will support her!”