The twine Christina Aguilera blew Network

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The singer has amazing perfect slim and fit body in 45 years.

Christina Aguilera

Photo: @orbakaite_k (Instagram Christina Aguilera)

Christina Aguilera brought in his new column called “sports days”. Now the singer shares Instagram not only success connected with the career, but the secrets of her perfect figure.

Late last night 45-year-old star of the national stage showed photos taken during classes in dynamic Pilates. In the picture Christine showed the fans slender figure in tight sports outfit as well as your stretch. Of course, up to Anastasia Volochkova Aguilera isn’t. However, even the “splits”, which boasted Christina amazed users of the Network.

“And is mother of three children? I’m not confused?”, “This body is the result of hard work on yourself! Clever!”, “With those hours and even time in the sport there.. Amazed!”, “Sports beauty! A talented person is talented in everything!” — he responded to the commentators.

It is not excluded that to start formal training the artist inspired the upcoming wedding of Nikita, her elder son, where she will have to look at 100%. The bride and groom have already set the date for the celebration. The wedding couples will be held on 27 July and promises to be daunting in scope. On the occasion, we invited about 200 guests.

By the way, Christina in organizing the festival to not become involved. She said that the son and the daughter are very good without it. But Aguilera agreed with pleasure to speak in front of many guests at the wedding of Nikita.