The TV series “How I met your mother” will continue

Сериал «Как я встретил вашу маму» получит продолжение

TV series fans are always upset when their favourite TV story is about to end. Then the fans get the idea and offer to shoot a sequel, spin-off, anything just to see their favorite characters in action.

Asking about the sequel were fans of “Friends”, “Sex in the city”, TV series “How I met your mother”. Entreaties latter seems to have been answered.

Today it became known that prepares a spin-off called “How I met your father.”

The writers will finally show the female point of view on a popular story. The new project will take the producers telehita “How I met your mother” – Carter bays, Craig Thomas, but the characters and the cast change.

Details of the new project are not specified. We are waiting for news.