The TV presenter Yevgeny Kolesov was born the fifth child

У телеведущего Евгения Колесова родился пятый ребенок The writer’s wife gave him a girl. Host of “discovering China” Yevgeny Kolesov and his wife rejoice in the newborn baby. The man confesses that he always dreamed of a big family.

Host of “discovering China” on “the First channel” and the author of the novel “Chinese” Yevgeny Kolesov again became a father – celebrity and his wife Irina had a daughter. The fifth child the couple: Kolesova raising of the proud eight-year, six-year-old Milan, her five year old and two year-old Yesenia. Eugene says that the older children were very happy sister.

“They already babysit her, kissing…” – commented Eugene “StarHit” addition to the family.

Eugene tries all his spare time to spend with the baby, but as long as celebrities don’t have much today in the midst of shooting the third season of the “Opening of China”, working on scripts and images.

The eldest son of the proud stars of the good news found in Sochi, where now passes the championship of Russia on chess. Last year he became the Vice-champion of Russia in under nine years, and now plays in the top League among boys to 11 years, where it occupies a leading position.

“If you win, your reward I will give a little sister!” says Gordey.

The wife of the TV presenter is feeling great and already back home. Eugene with his wife believe the fifth daughter will not be the last child in the family.

“Before you make an offer to the wife, I asked her: “do you Bear me six children?” She agreed. So now I have to keep the promise, – Eugene laughs. – But seriously: children – this is happiness. A woman who can have her man as much as gave me, my wife, is the heroine. For the sake of such a woman should live.”

Recall that the older children TV host speaks different languages – besides Russian, I know Chinese, English, French and Spanish – Eugene taught them on their own methodology. New knowledge are the heirs of Kolesov learned through the game. “Baby, of course, also follow in the footsteps of older brothers and sisters, and also to learn languages,” says writer and broadcaster.