The TV channel “Rain” celebrated the birthday

Телеканал «Дождь» отпраздновал день рождения
Popular radio station said the 7-year anniversary.

Телеканал «Дождь» отпраздновал день рождения

Natalia Sindeeva

Photo: Press service

Anton Belyaev with his wife

Photo: Press service

On April 26 at the Stadium club hosted a Grand party
the occasion of the seventh birthday of the TV channel “Rain”. Thousands club
filled friends and subscribers of the channel who came to congratulate
“The rain”.

“Today we found out that our gang
one under the command of “Rain”, — said the leader of the group Therr
Maitz Anton Belyaev. They were the first who let us
in his broadcasts, and, of course, it was a pleasure today to play at a birthday party
channel. 7 years is a significant figure. Some marriages break up quickly.”

This evening there were a lot of congratulations and
requests to the channel, but most often both the guest and the host
wanted “Rain” of longevity.

“As always the birthday or the day
Gardenia I think about what will happen, — said Natalia Sindeeva. And
know what exactly want to, we just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the channel”.

“Rain” today was the only channel in the country, which
there are fully at the expense of the subscription. This is not only relevant news
channel “Rain” greatly expanded the range
programs designed for a broad audience and, in particular, has launched a new website
Lite project without politics, covering themes of culture, cinema, music and art.
In the near future “Rain” expects to start production of your
series. Also the direction of the channel signed a contract to stream
super successful TV show Top Gear. Impressions of the program should begin in
may 2017.