The TV channel “Home” will show a film about Juneau

Телеканал «Домашний» покажет фильм о Джуне
Little known facts from the biography woman of mystery.


Photo: Vladimir Yatsina /TASS

In recent years Jung lived a recluse and
sort of lost all of the time. And if someone of the friends agreed
to take, at any time of the day could say, “Come right now!” Especially
at night she loved to draw pictures or sculpt in the Studio, under which she
took a whole floor in his house on the Old Arbat.

On the shooting of the documentary
the movie “Djuna: the last prophecy”, which airs on channel
“Home”, actor Alexander Pankratov-Cherny said:”I Once asked her: “June, when do you rest?” What she
replied: “Yes, I never rest, Sasha, once, it is necessary to live!” She was
battery power though and could at times sharply to fall silent and stare at one
point, deeply lost in itself”. Also remember about Juneau poet Ilya Reznik,
musician Alexander Levshin and others.

Recall that June, as she claimed,
She predicted predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, the 1991 coup
years, the accident at Chernobyl, the death of the passenger ship “Admiral
Nakhimov” and death of a rock musician Igor Talkov. According to rumors, her patients in
different times were members of the political elite, star cinema, artists and
writers. Djuna, Davitashvili (real name Eugene yuvasena) died on 8 June
2015, buried at Vagankovo cemetery near the grave of her son

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