The Turkish woman lost her Russian child

Турецкая женщина потеряла своего русского ребенка In 2008, in Turkey the accident occurred. The bus was hit by a tourist, a young man miraculously survived. The doctors brought the boy to the hospital in Antalya, where he saw a housewife Gulsum Kabadayi. The woman could not pass up the crippled guy and decided to adopt him. Today it became known that after almost ten years, the wounded died.
Турецкая женщина потеряла своего русского ребенка

Nine years ago an unknown guy of Slavic appearance, shot down by a bus, was taken to the Turkish hospital “Akdeniz”. The doctors fought for the life of a boy, about the years he spent in the hospital. Most likely, it was a tourist from Russia, but the boy could not speak and lost his memory after severe head injury. At this time the clinic was Gabbii Gulsum, she was caring for a sick relative. The woman could not pass in his eyes she read the word “mother”. She decided to adopt the boy and named him Umut, which translated from Turkish means “hope”. From the first day of stay of the young man in the hospital Kabgayi cared about him.

“He was in intensive care for about a year, during that time I became his hands and feet, – the woman spoke to reporters. – When the time came for somewhere to write, my younger son said that it is necessary to take brother home. Since then we have sheltered Umut. One day we came up with Russian friends, when they spoke in Russian- Umut began to cry,” she shared in an interview.
Турецкая женщина потеряла своего русского ребенка

So, a Turkish family realized that Umut from Russia. Meanwhile doctors reported that the consciousness of the guy is developed as a year-old child. Despite this, she tried to brighten up the everyday life of Russian son to develop his abilities again.

On the heroic deeds of a Turkish woman a few years ago was filmed the next edition of the program “Let them talk”. After the broadcast day began to come often to the grieving parents from Russia in the hope that Galatasaray will be their son whom they had once lost.

So, 2016 in Antalya from Russia there has arrived Irina Mustafaoglu, which claimed that the mother of the young man. Then the alleged mother of Umut visited the house day and said that at the age of seven her son was abducted from the camp, where they temporarily lived. Irina Mustafaoglu said that the real name of her son Kenan. Umut, seeing Irina, raised his hand and began to smile. He first behaved at the sight of the unfamiliar woman. Irina spoke with Umut, sang him a song. And Gulsum Kabadayi she called a Holy man. Irina Mustafaoglu showed pictures of his two other sons.

“The eldest son especially like Umut. Previously, a study was conducted of the bones of man, under which was established the approximate year of birth – 1992. This woman claims that her kidnapped son was born in 1993. Age is almost the same as” day told reporters.

Soon Irina Mustafaoglu back to Roshi. Day admitted that never give Umut, even if Erin really turns out to be his biological mother…

And today a number of foreign and domestic media have published the information that in Antalya dead Russian, which some years nursed a Turkish woman Gulsum Kabadayi. In the last days before leaving Umut was in intensive care. The doctors gave him the diagnosis of “multiple organ failure”.

Турецкая женщина потеряла своего русского ребенка