Опухоль Николая Караченцова уменьшилась на 7 сантиметров Therapy was effective – a cancer retreat. Nikolai Karachentsov was treated at the cancer center, which is located in Krasnogorsk. Recently, however, the artist caught a cold after a trip to Turkey and is now on antibiotics.
Опухоль Николая Караченцова уменьшилась на 7 сантиметров

Last fall, Nikolai Karachentsov was diagnosed with cancer of the lung. The artist’s wife appealed for help to one of the best oncologists of Russia George Frank. And a miracle happened – the treatment has led to significant progress.

Wife Karachentsova: “We are praying and looking for money chemistry»

Опухоль Николая Караченцова уменьшилась на 7 сантиметров“The tumor shrank in diameter from 10 to 2.8 inches, – told the “StarHit” Lyudmila Porgina. Therapy took place in a cancer hospital in Krasnogorsk, where there were arrivals. The rest of the time nick spent at home”.

At the end of January, the actor was appointed as the fourth course of chemotherapy, but it will have to be postponed. “We went to Turkey for the holidays – says “StarHit” Lyudmila Andreevna. In Antalya walked every day for four hours, enjoying the sea air. However, upon returning my mom right lung. Now he is in the hospital, where he was injected with antibiotics. After recovery plan to pass the next chemistry course”.

Опухоль Николая Караченцова уменьшилась на 7 сантиметров

Porgina every day visiting her spouse and always brings his favorite dessert – tiramisu. With her husband struggling to appear strong, and the nights crying in despair. After all, it is necessary not only to care for the actor but also to defend their honor in court. Still not closed the case of an accident. A year ago, February 28, in Moscow suburbs there was a collision of a GAZelle and Toyota was driving Lyudmila Andreevna, also in the car were Karachentsov, a nurse and friend of the family. First, the police allegedly found alcohol in the blood of Porcinai. However, later the charges were dropped. But at the end of December of the Shchelkovo district court found the spouse of the actor guilty for the accident.

“I almost got a mild heart attack not happened, continues the actor’s wife. – The prosecution presented the boy-driver, and his employer, businessman Yury Zheleznov, and three healthy men, a lawyer, who literally pounced on my witnesses. Grinned over the testimony of the nurses Nadi, Cole closed his eyes during the collision. After her speech the judge said the phrase: “Every cook wants to rule the world”. My interests are represented by a woman. Forces were initially unequal.”

After the failure of the court Porgina began searching for another lawyer. “I think I will go either to Michael Barshchevsky, or Sergei Gorino, she said “StarHit”. – I feel a share of guilt for her husband, girlfriend Elsa that broke in the accident, five ribs and hip. Now she uses a wheelchair. I dream that justice is done”.