The truth was revealed about the birth of Natalie Portman

Вскрылась правда о родах Натали Портман
The actress had cheated his fans.

Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman puzzled, and many fans of the actress feels at all
deceived. Because they are sincerely worried about his favorite actress, which
they thought I was suffering from health problems associated with carrying your
second child, I was unable to come for Oscars… Her press Secretary even
announced on the eve of the ceremony, special statement, in which the actress who
was nominated for the prize Award, explained the reason for his “absence”. “To
unfortunately, due to my pregnancy, I can’t come to the ceremony…” is
there was a text message from Portman.

And what? As
announced yesterday the official representative of the actress, it turns out, she’s already more than a week ago gave birth to
their second child: “Natalie Portman and her husband Benjamin millepied steel
parents for the second time. Their daughter was born on the 22nd of February.” This was reported online edition of

And, as reported, the delivery quite
well, without any complications. That is 26 February, the day when the ceremony
the Oscars, she not only managed to produce a child into the world, but was already
at home with her husband and daughter. Moreover, no one suspected that Natalie was able to give birth. Indeed, in one of his interviews that the actress gave a couple of months
ago, she pointed out as expected due date — April. Meanwhile,
the statement does not mention that Portman gave birth prematurely. So fans
actress wondering why she had misled them.

As for
additional detail concerning newborn daughter Natalie, neither weight nor
the growth of girls is not disclosed. But Portman revealed how she and her Benjamin, whose wife she became in 2012 year, called
little girl: she was given the sonorous name “Amalia”. Earlier, the actress admitted that even
not trying to pick a name for your daughter in advance, i.e. prior to its birth. “Before
than to decide how to name the baby what you can’t see!” said Natalie.