The truth about Kristine Orbakaite: first interview with her husband

Вся правда о Кристине Орбакайте: первое интервью ее мужа On 25 may, the singer is celebrating a birthday. Mikhail Zemtsov said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” on a Christina Aguilera, nobody knows. The spouse is told about the nature of the artist, and noted the qualities that he admired.
Вся правда о Кристине Орбакайте: первое интервью ее мужа

Singer, actress, mother of many children, beloved wife, helpful daughter – all of it. May 25, Aguilera celebrates birthday. “This year, Christina wanted to escape from the city fuss and changeable weather, so we flew to Los Angeles, says her husband Mikhail Zemtsov. Let’s celebrate at our favorite restaurant overlooking the city with your closest friends. Her daughter had to leave Moscow not to tear off from the educational process, she goes to prep school”.

If the singer is no stranger to giving interviews ahead of the personal dates, Michael reluctantly communicates with the press. But for the “StarHit” he made an exception. The husband of the artist said this about Christina, nobody knows.


If you’re fighting, not for long

Usually I give the woman you love useful gifts – theater tickets for rare performances, a massage chair… So, in principle, accepted in our family. Christina says in advance what she needs. But if not ordered, then it is jewelry, for example. Material things, expensive spouse, is not surprising: it is important that from the heart. I know that my wife loves irises, so try the birthday or other celebration to find these flowers in any city in the world.

The secret of our marriage is quite simple – don’t get hung up on petty grievances, and generally not to be offended. As with everything, sometimes swear, but it’s always for a while. Christina generally forgiving. She can get angry for about 30 minutes to call and talk as if nothing had happened – all is forgotten. Also, try not to meddle in the Affairs of each other. I don’t say every day: “where are you? And when I get back?” In the same way she is.
Вся правда о Кристине Орбакайте: первое интервью ее мужа

When we’re at home, it happens that Christine retreated to a bedroom or dressing room, where she can stay in silence, to think, to solve some creative moments. And together we love to watch movies. Wife loves the films, so many of them I honestly can’t perceive. The rest of the flavors come together. Recently included the series “Crown” in English. 12 episodes of the first season flew by. In cinema, too, try to get out, but rarely obtained. Sometimes I go in the “pioneer” – there are sessions in English and Hollywood movies I want to watch just on its original language. Christine can sometimes to move to tears movies already Mature artists, which show how live now forgotten and lonely Soviet star.

Like any normal person, and wife have moments of weakness. A lot of work without respite, accumulated fatigue, stress… to Take them helps communication with family – loneliness she does not like. To go somewhere, to talk, to make energy – what she needs.


The daughter complains to mom

Вся правда о Кристине Орбакайте: первое интервью ее мужа

Christina – the organizer of our family. She is one of the most collected people I know. Wife she always packs his bags – and his, and mine. And dismantle too. Here even say nothing. She’ll never forget: I’ll take my toothbrush, and razor, together when we go somewhere, if I suddenly resigned. And we go often.

I would be responsible for the serviceability – I love it when we have everything in house has renovated. If the bulb burns out, the me it’s just annoying. He’ll go find a ladder to replace. The rest helps the housekeeper – cleaning, cooking. She’s been with us for six years. Mood Christina, of course, may Breakfast to make and lunch. We love simple but healthy dishes: cold soups, light salads.

I recently announced his candidacy for the HOA, the neighbors have supported me. I believe that our house must be in decent condition. I have something to compare: know how to watch it abroad – in America; understand the need to invest, not to spare money for infrastructure, to pay a monthly premium. Now the Playground we will build in the yard. Christina, of course, a little time to participate, but occasionally gives advice, and then evaluates the results.

Daughter we raise together. Christine has a lot of experience, I can only learn. The older children she has such good guys turned out. Wife knows how to raise a child, that he was modest, and talented. Recently, together with his wife chose a school for Claudia, has stopped as a result of private in the center of Moscow.

For Christine, most importantly, the daughter was busy all the time. When it idles, it immediately begins to look into the iPad. And she understands all these devices even better than some adults. We do not limit it in gadgets, but I try to distract if anchors. Seen by the child, especially on vacation, she gets more cranky because of an excess of free time. And so her schedule – school, ballet, singing, music lessons, and weekend – to his grandmother in the country.
Вся правда о Кристине Орбакайте: первое интервью ее мужа

When can we make crafts with my daughter, help with homework. Christina is a loving mother, understands that it is often no, she’s on tour, so she doesn’t want to be very strict with Claudia. But it may Express. Sometimes the daughter doesn’t want to study music, homework – Christina goes on a strict tone. Clause unhappy, then walks. Running to me: “I got in Trouble, dad!” I feel sorry for her. Even sometimes when mom and I agree, still regret it. It is impossible, and my mom scolded and dad at the same time.

The child already decided that she wanted to become either a teacher or as a mother, a singer. If the second is clear, then the first – a consequence of the fact that in the garden Claudia likes to play school. Daughter thinks she is also a teacher, and she likes it.

By nature it is rather like grandma Alla than mom and dad. Claudia strong-willed, strong, can sometimes be such a way with words – will not find it. Very smart girl, like all Cristanini children. Like Denis, I never met. He loves my mom, ringing constantly, interested in everything. He’s got incredible character. If Nikita Kristina still could argue that Denis never. He across the word not inserted: as mom would say, so be it, but in order not to upset ever so she was nervous to smile.


Wife likes to be in control

Our entire family loves sports. I ski with my daughter – recently went to Austria. And Christina, this sport does not favor. She’s afraid of. The wife is that if, God forbid, something happens, she will fail the people – she also has a great team. But loves to be in the hall, to box, to turn the bike, loves Pilates, yoga. Recently near the house in Moscow opened a Studio Cycling that we in the States for seven years go.

In America, sport is like religion, people are much more active. When we were there in the morning calls up Christina with her friends, and they go to the gym. Sometimes we go together to Bootcamp is a set of exercises, which affected all muscle groups: running and squat, and cardio.

The house wife does not like to do – not the atmosphere. Wanted to buy a exercise bike, but thought it would be to stand still. In our gym in the house in Miami we almost did not go. Kristina loves when the next coach who controls everything, music is played out loud. One will not do as it should: properly, effectively. And for Christine in all the result is important.