Фура с декорациями Филиппа Киркорова разбилась в Геленджике

Philip now is on tour in Russia. Fans with open arms and accept artist, and he’s happy to try for the sake of their pleasure.

The tour goes according to plan. Recently Kirkorov with his team went to Noumea, where also were to present the program “I”. But the performance almost fell, and all because of the accident, which hit one of the trucks carrying concert decorations. It is, for a moment, about the most spectacular element of the show “I” — sliding pool with a fountain.

Fortunately for Kirkorov equipment was not damaged, but the truck which had transported him, suffered damage at 2.5 million rubles.

About how the accident occurred, told in the press service of Philip Bedrosovich: “the pool and the equipment for the fountain weigh two tons. It is unloaded in each city with the help of a construction crane. When the pool is raised, shifted the center of gravity and the truck fell into a ditch. Demolished three large tree, stopped on the fourth. The damage amounted to two and a half million rubles. Now the wagon is sent in for repair, instead the scenery will transport another car. Pool with fountain repairing”.

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