Триумфальное возвращение «Призрака оперы» в Москву
The famous musical will once again conquer the hearts of residents and guests of the capital.

Триумфальное возвращение «Призрака оперы» в Москву

A million people watched the famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber in Moscow, and now two years after its release fans of the genre will again have the chance to hear amazing music and favorite hits performed by a Symphony orchestra of 45 people, choir and first-class Russian company”the phantom of the Opera”.

All three concerts in the State Kremlin Palace on March 16 and 17, where he has erected on the scene of two floors and waiting for 15,000 lucky people in the audience. In a concert performance accompanied by a Symphony orchestra, “phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber performed for the first time. To conduct the orchestra flew to Russia Kristen Blodgett. It is often called the guardian of the “Ghost”, because it works with a legend of musical theatre for more than 30 years since the first showing of the musical at The Majestic Theatre on Broadway.

The musical “the phantom of the Opera” set a new record

By the way, the two will celebrate the anniversary in the Kremlin: Maestro Lloyd Webber will be 70 years old, and his famous offspring — 30. Open rehearsal of the musical “the phantom of the Opera” with the participation of Kristen Blodgett was held on March 12, highlighted the powerful vocals of the performers of the main roles: Dmitry Ermak (Phantom) and Elena Bahtiyarova (Christine daaé). Judging by the level of training, “the phantom of the Opera” returns to Moscow triumphal.