The triathlete Roman Paramonov repent of beating ex-wife

Триатлонист Роман Парамонов раскаивается в избиении экс-жены The athlete realized his mistake. In early February Roman Paramonov hit in the face ex-wife Hope Semeniuk, with the result that broke her nose. It all happened in front of their young son. Sports master admitted his guilt and is ready to suffer any punishment.

      Триатлонист Роман Парамонов раскаивается в избиении экс-жены
      Триатлонист Роман Парамонов раскаивается в избиении экс-жены

      Recently, a friend of the ex-wife of a famous triathlete Roman Paramonov said that he beat the ex-spouse Hope Semeniuk. It happened in front of their son. According to the friend, the woman had broken facial bones. Hope decided to put an end to the systematic beating of the former wife and came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to tell their story.

      Hope and Roman divorced three years ago. Only recently she went to court to collect the alimony on the maintenance of three children. The woman admitted that during this time they do not live together, the master of sports of international class, twice raised a hand to her, but the police did not criminal case. Hope to get to tell me what happened on the ninth of February this year. After the strong shot of athlete she was bleeding and she asked for help, but the guard showed no sympathy to the woman and not called an ambulance and the police.

      Semeniuk tried to understand the possible causes of the aggressive behavior of the former spouse.

      “The conflict started somewhere in October. I started to ask him permission for children to travel to on vacation or something to carry, I have had the opportunity. He refuses, then starts to demand that I discharged myself and children out of the apartment his mom. I decided that we should write them and had no problem doing this, despite the fact that the children are in school for registration”, – said the woman.
      Триатлонист Роман Парамонов раскаивается в избиении экс-жены

      Andrey Malakhov has informed that, possibly, the athlete changed his attitude to the ex-spouse due to the fact that she found a rich boyfriend, and sued for child support and determination of the order of interaction of children with the father. Paramonov did not like it, and he decided to move to threats. The athlete insisted that the woman withdrew the application.

      Experts in the Studio could not understand what was the reason for the divorce of the once happy couple.

      “He started to mentally push. I went to work, he first did not mind. Then he doesn’t like, takes the keys, documents, money, locks the apartment,” – explained the woman.

      In the Studio there was a Roman Paramonov with a bouquet of flowers and asked for forgiveness from his ex-wife.

      Триатлонист Роман Парамонов раскаивается в избиении экс-жены

      “I am guilty, raised his hand to the woman and the mother of my children. It’s hard to say – the man began to tell his version of what happened. – My whole day was sad, that I can’t often see my children. I asked Joe as they walked to the exit, to stop. Hope jerked his vanushko the arm and accelerated. I ran after them.”

      Experts believe that the male brazen cheats – frame recording security cameras they saw that the athlete deliberately tried to hit a woman in the face.

      Roman said: when I found out about the affair ex-wife with another man, was beside himself with anger. He remembered that for three years trying to get her back and even some time paid a safe place of Hope. The athlete believes that Semeniuk broke up with him because of the bad influence of her friends.

      Andrey Malakhov has decided to invite the new darling of Hope, but the man refused to come out from behind the scenes to support his beloved. As it turned out, Semeniuk banned Alex Svirin to appear in the Studio.

      Hope wants her ex-husband punished by law. The novel is not against to redeem himself.

      “I’ll sit, if necessary, let him do it”, – said the athlete.