Жизненные испытания Романа Полански

Жизненные испытания Романа Полански

The cinema was interested in Roman for a long time, even when being Jewish boy was during the war in a Nazi Ghetto. Even then, to get rid of bad memories of Roman Polanski began shooting short films. And first feature film “Knife in
the water” was nominated for the award “Oscar”.

Following this success, the man decided to conquer America, he is one of the first to remove mystical painting. During the filming
the film “Tanz der vampire” Polanski met Sharon Tate. In Hollywood it was called the second Marilyn Monroe – so beautiful and seductive she was. At the end of the filming, the couple married. The career of Roman Polanski grew rapidly, it seemed that he caught a lucky break
tail. However, he would soon experience the biggest fear in my life.

1969. The novel makes a film, his pregnant wife Sharon is waiting for a loved one from America. Novel
promises to see, but it was not destined to happen! On August 9, the 9th month of pregnancy Sharon was brutally murdered, inflicting 16 stab wounds. With it killed 3 of her friends and 18-year-old pool boy.

“My agent called and told me that the house in London was something terrible! At first I did not
realized what house it happened…and then added that all dead!”, — remembers the novel.

Like returned didn’t remember, only that the road seemed to go on forever. On arrival he was waiting for a picture of a bloody house and the inscription on the wall, “pig.” Wife was buried in a closed coffin with the baby in her arms. She was only 26 years old.
This story has stunned Hollywood, and in 2019-the year this story Ann lagle the basis of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood”, he’s just with a happy ending, which, unfortunately, life didn’t happen.

After the terrible death of his wife, Polanski did not know where to go, but in the end killers has found. They were a religious family, headed by Garazom Manson. Then connected the murder with his films, they say that is the mystic in his films provoked members of the sect
go for the kill. After the murder just happened when the movie “rosemary’s Baby” was at the peak of their fame, the press and the audience immediately found the explanation.
The life of a theatre Director seems to have stopped for a long 5 years. “This is the biggest tragedy of my entire life! Everything is ruined!”, — shared novel. But over time, Polanski still found the strength to get back to work

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