The trials of life Lyudmila Maksakova: support son and the conflict with her daughter

Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью Famous actress today celebrates its birthday. Lyudmila Maksakova started her career in the 60-ies. Despite the dizzying success in the creative life, she had to cope with difficulties in relationships.
Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью

Today, September 26, a well-known theater and film actress Lyudmila Maksakova’s birthday party. The artist was 77 years old. Over her career she has played roles in theatrical productions, on television and in the movies. Despite the dizzying career success, her family was not always in harmony.

The trial of the son

Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью

Lyudmila Maksakova has been married twice. With the first husband, artist Leo Zbarskii, it was short-lived. In marriage the couple had a son, Maxim. At first he bore the name of the father, but after his moving to the USA became Maklakovym. Lev had not maintained contact with family and spent his last days in solitude. He died of lung cancer. Grandchildren Lyudmila Maksakova buried grandfather’s hometown in the United States

Four years ago, the family of the actress raised a major scandal. Her son was accused of stealing huge sums from the budget – 260 million rubles. The money was allocated for a campaign to promote it in the media, sports leisure and a healthy lifestyle. For four years the firm Maksakova has signed eight contracts worth 370 million. According to investigators, the company is son of the actress claimed that the money spent for materials in the press. The journalists who prepared the article, assured that he did it in working order.

Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью

Maxim Maksakov and his colleague Vasily kolodniy his guilt did not recognize and believed that they were unfortunate victims of the arbitrariness of the former operatives. Son of the actress was sentenced to three years, but since he was grounded, he counted this time and released directly from the courtroom.

A quarrel with the daughter-in-law

Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью

Also Lyudmila Maksakova has a daughter from his second marriage to German entrepreneur Peter Andreas Igenbergs. Maria followed in the footsteps of his famous grandmother, the Opera singer Maria Maksakova. She was the invited soloist of the Bolshoi theatre since 2003. Despite the active creative activity, she decided to try himself in politics.

In 2011, she became the Deputy of the state Duma from the party “United Russia”, but six years later she was expelled due to the concealment of dual citizenship. However, at that time, the artist moved to Kiev with her husband Denis by Voronenkova. Man shot dead in the capital of Ukraine in March. Maria Maksakova arrived and fainted. PHOTO. VIDEO

Жизненные испытания Людмилы Максаковой: поддержка сына и конфликт с дочерью

The relationship between Ludmila Vasilievna and Maria have intensified after the statements of the actress wife of a daughter. “Well, thank you, Lord, commented the death of Boronenkov actress. – What else to do with it? Thank you, Lord, that in the end the man who was so meanly… He’s military, his treason would be shot”. Many were struck by this phrase famous actress on son-in-law.

However, this case was finally removed Mary from her mother. As it turned out, and before that in the family Maksakova was not so simple. According to an Opera singer, her childhood lacked attention of the famous actress. Maria Maksakova spoke about the humiliation in the family home

“I use cosmetics, my mother was annoyed, recalled Maria Maksakova in an interview to ZIK. Once I was dressed she took the dirty sponge, washing-up liquid, foul-smelling, and she tried to wash off. I endured this humiliation, but I remember about it until now. I realized that this woman I have to continue to communicate as she would with me or applied. But in the incomplete eighteen years I closed the door of this house and try not to remember”.

However, the relatives hope that Lyudmila Vasilievna and Maria will be able to find the strength to reconcile. Peter Igenbergs tries to do everything to return peace to his family. Mary maintains contact with his father and does not exclude that after some time she will again be able to communicate with the native person. Lyudmila Maksakova regret the words about the death of son-in-law

Lyudmila Vasilevny grow six grandchildren and one great-grandchild Anatoly – son of Peter Maksakov and Galina Yudashkina. Maksakova is still getting invitations for roles in movies. Not so long ago, she starred in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”.