Суд над Кириллом Серебренниковым: детали заседания и акция поддержки In the afternoon there was a hearing in the Basmanny court of Moscow. Well-known film Director and Director of the “Gogol-center” Kirill Serebrennikov be charged with fraud. Yesterday it was delivered from St. Petersburg to Moscow and spent the night and the insulator.
Суд над Кириллом Серебренниковым: детали заседания и акция поддержки

Yesterday, August 22, it became known about detention of the Director Kirill Serebrennikov. The man was taken from St. Petersburg to Moscow. He’s facing fraud charges. Today, the Basmanny court of the capital started hearing the case.

Kirill Serebrennikov brought at noon.

In front of the building were members of the “Gogol-center” and all indifferent. Yesterday there was a petition that was signed by almost 13 thousand people. Some organized a flashmob in social networks in support of the famous Director. Today, many left a personal affair and came to court to Express their disagreement with the charges Serebrennikov. Among them was TV presenter Leonid Parfyonov, Directors Boris Khlebnikov and Vladimir Mirzoyev, actors Yury Kolokolnikov, Artur Smolyaninov, and Svetlana Bondarchuk, Tatyana Lazareva, Michael Schatz, Polina Deripaska.

Actress Victoria Isakova had to act as guarantor for the house arrest of Kirill Serebrennikov, but came to the court Yulia Peresild, Tatyana Drubich and the public figure Irina Prokhorova. As it turned out, for the Director vouched Andrei Malakhov, Philip Kirkorov, Fedor Bondarchuk, Danila Kozlovsky, Alexander Kalyagin, Avdotya Smirnova, Igor Vernik, Valery Garkalin, Chulpan Khamatova, Semyon Slepakov, Sergey Svetlakov, Ivan Urgant.

In the courtroom, appeared Kirill Serebrennikov, who took the place of the accused behind bars. He was accompanied by five bailiffs. About one o’clock began the hearing. On the eve of a member of the PMC said that the Director was preparing a speech that will be brought before the servants of Themis.

Social activist Ekaterina Gordeeva, who is in the courtroom, the social network brought it Serebrennikov: “I would like more. I would like to let me go because of the charges that I presented, seem incredible and impossible. I currently am in the process of filmmaking, I shoot film. In my edition of the play in the “Gogol-center”. With the month of may I came on the first call of the investigator, any question. I cooperated with the investigation, I answered all the questions and told the truth, which is that the project “Platform” was of course, all the people working on it selflessly and honestly, I’m proud of him. My job is artistic Director, which consists in the production of plays was performed. We spent money but we spent it on staging to the performance. We are for the country, for the Motherland has made a great and colorful project that is known worldwide, which became the launching pad for many young artists. I ask you to let me go, I make movies.

I am an honest person, this is confirmed by my years of work and petition that you received. I’m making a film about Viktor Tsoi and Mike Naumenko, I release “Little tragedies” in the “Gogol-center”, the posters are hanging, the tickets are sold. I’m not going to run from the investigation, I will work”, – quoted the Director of the witness.

Serebrennikov also disagree with house arrest, as otherwise he will not be able to continue to work. The lawyer offered to release the defendant on bail, and called the amount of 68 million rubles. He said that the government has no such money, but for the sake of her influential friends will help to collect them.

Famous actor Maxim Vitorgan hastened to Express their opinion in the social network. He apologized that he did not come to the courthouse, but is very worried about the fate of the Director.

“You just live and be! I can’t be there physically, but my thoughts are with you. I, like many others, are going to sponsor in this process and feel privileged, even so, to be in this moment with you,” wrote the actor in support.

The night before the meeting the famous Director spent in prison with two inmates. In a morning conversation with reporters, he did not complain about the conditions of his detention, ironically noting that there is no physical impact was not for that he was grateful. Reporters who came to interview him at eight o’clock in the morning, noted that by this time Cyril had to take a shower and have Breakfast millet porridge. Kirill Serebrennikov told about a night spent in the infirmary

Silver admitted that the whole situation reminds him of a bad dream, and he tries to comprehend what is happening to ever describe it in his memoirs. The Director talked about what he had read about the betrayal in the books. Apparently, he was referring to the incriminating testimony of an accountant Nina Massieu, which is evidence against him.

Many, however, who knew personally Serebrennikov, speak of him only in a positive way. They believe that the man was engaged only in art and would not for profit to jeopardize his name.

“I would like to see the eyes of the investigator, who speaks with a major film Director Kirill Serebrennikov. Does he, the investigator, who says? No, it’s not that times Serebrennikov — Director, he stands outside the law. But I know Cyril. With great respect to him. And know that in any, even the slightest, he could not participate in something unworthy. In its inner essence could not. It’s too significant. And too clever”, – said Director Alexander Sokurov.