Елке придется столкнуться с проблемами
Today popular singer Tree accepts congratulations on the birthday, she was 35 years old.

Елке придется столкнуться с проблемами

Now the Tree is very popular: she writes new songs that become hits.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore the life code of the singer and to predict its future.

“She was not versed in the people and it is better not to give anyone advice – one who will listen, be worse. Also it is necessary to subdue pride, is a sin. If it won’t work with its shortcomings, life will punish her disease.

Artist big spender, can’t save – which is why the construction of her house in Sergiev Posad has been delayed. At 35 it begins a difficult period in life: despite the fact that it will be a lot to perform and to tour, she wouldn’t have to laditsya with money. She must be attentive to its spending and get rid of carelessness. Also the next two years I don’t suggest to the singer to get behind the wheel – there is a risk of injury,” said the numerologist.

Congratulations to singer happy birthday!

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