The tragic death of widow speaker shocked the public

Трагическая гибель вдовы диктора шокировала общественность In Moscow found the corpse of an elderly women, torn to pieces by dogs. According to journalists, the victim of aggressive animals became the wife of Cyril VAC, which was one of the most famous voices of the USSR abroad. Friends Valerie I. speak about it as about a very good man.

      Трагическая гибель вдовы диктора шокировала общественность

      Yesterday in Moscow there was a chilling tragedy. In the morning on the territory of one of the state institutions in the center of Moscow, owned by the Ministry of sport, found the body of an elderly woman with traces of multiple stings. Unhappy was the victim of a dog guarding the territory. The investigating authorities started to establish the circumstances of her death. A criminal case was initiated under part 2 of article 109 of the criminal code “Causing death by imprudence”.

      Later, law enforcement officers arrested the security guard. According to investigators, he released the animals into the wild without making sure that protected area were not strangers. Journalists also reported that four German shepherds that attacked an elderly woman, expect to be put down.

      After some time, the media appeared information about the fact that the identity of the deceased. She was 79-year-old pensioner Valery VAC, widow of the famous Soviet announcer Kirill (Karl) of ACV. An old woman lived in a house located on Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa.

      Friends of the widow of Cyril of VAC say she loved animals. “Valeria Igorevna was very compassionate, often fed the pigeons, the dogs”, – told reporters the dead girl’s roommate. According to the friend of vats, that early in the morning went to the clinic, and then decided to take a walk in the Park, located near the state institution. The words of a familiar Katz confirms another resident of the house where she lived.

      “Leroy was a kind woman, loved animals and felt sorry for stray dogs. We used to walk her in the Park, it is located near here. She took the bag of groats, feeding pigeons. As far as I know, on the morning of 2 February it was going to go to the clinic, She had heart problems, she complained about the pressure,” said a friend of the deceased.

      Presumably, the widow of Cyril Katz wanted to feed the dogs, which were in an enclosure near the building Department. However, the security guard of the institution has released the animals and went to the utility room. When he returned, he saw a terrible picture: on the ground lay the torn body of an elderly woman. The shocked man called for an ambulance.

      One of the guards chop told reporters that the animals were usually released late in the evening or at night when nobody was there. He also reported the “Moscow Komsomolets”, the Park area behind the building is difficult to control territory.