The tragedy with Tu-154. As we remember Dr. Lisa

Трагедия с Ту-154. Какой мы запомним Доктора Лизу To save the lives of others – such was the mission of the doctor Elizabeth Glinka. According to the Ministry of defence, a well-known doctor was on Board crashed on 25 December in Sochi on the airplane. People who knew this amazing woman, can’t believe what happened. “StarHit” remembers what was Elizaveta Glinka.

    Трагедия с Ту-154. Какой мы запомним Доктора Лизу

    A terrible tragedy occurred on Sunday, December 25, early in the morning. Crashed Tu-154 of the Ministry of defence, taking off from Adler airport to Syria. Among the passengers was the Executive Director of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizaveta Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa. People who knew Glinka, don’t want to believe that the worst thing happened. On the page of Dr Lisa on Facebook, they exchange notes, which betrays the hope that the woman may be alive that for some reason she stayed in Sochi that will soon be in touch… In a wrecked Tu-154 plane was flying musicians and journalists

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of defence has provided a list of passengers of Tu-154, which has the name of Elizabeth Glinka. Information about the death of the spouse was confirmed by the husband of human rights activist Gleb Glinka. On the website of the Council on human rights published obituary. In it, in particular, it is said that Elizabeth was sent to Syria to deliver medical supplies to the University hospital of the city of Latakia.

    Трагедия с Ту-154. Какой мы запомним Доктора Лизу“Dr. Lisa was everybody’s favorite. That was kind of it for many years almost every day has provided palliative care, feeding the homeless, clothed and given them shelter,” – said in the message.

    The mission of the Doctor Elizabeth Glinka was the salvation of other people. Everyone remembers how she under fire organized the removal of children from the warring Donbass, so they can get medical help in hospitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg. That her work was organized shelter for children with amputated limbs, where they undergo rehabilitation. Dr. Lisa tirelessly knocked on the doors of bureaucrats, beating out money for help the hospices, hospitals, orphanages. Couldn’t stay Dr. Lisa indifferent to the fate of the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko – she raised money for medicine for the arrested woman, who helped save her life during a long hunger strike. One of the first Dr. Lisa responded to a request by Syrian doctors. “This is very similar to the war waged on Ukraine: similar injuries, poverty, dirt, lack of medicines”, – said about Syria Elizaveta Glinka.

    Трагедия с Ту-154. Какой мы запомним Доктора Лизу“Lord, why so? You can’t be dead… don’t believe!”, “Grief… God grief… Eternal memory. Elizabeth, Lisa. So much goodness, strength and faith. And in a jiffy. Grieve, Hateful. A great grief. Fondly, Dr. Lisa”, “an Irreparable loss. Eternal memory. Condolences to the family and especially for all of us. How now without it”, – such record is left on the page of Elizabeth Glinka people, shocked by the message about her death.

    About what was Elizaveta Glinka, as she was able to sympathize with and accept the pain of others as your own, a little less than a year ago said on his page on “Facebook” a friend of Dr. Lisa Ksenia Sokolova.

    General pain: friends and colleagues of the victims of the plane crash in Black sea

    “Yesterday I came to visit a friend is upset and sad. Because I love her very much, I tried everything to comfort her: lit the fireplace, we listened to nick cave and the “spleen”; my Norwich Terrier Asya sat all night on her knees, too, trying to give warmth to a person who is very cold – and not from wind and snow. But nothing helped – my friend sat and wept bitterly. To accurately guess her desires, I said, “Honey, what do you like to do? How would you generally wanted to your life?” She said, “I just want everything to be like before the war…” My friend’s name is Dr. Lisa”

    Elizaveta Glinka was born on 20 February 1962 in Moscow. By education she is a doctor-resuscitator, in life – incredibly kind and able to empathize with others ‘ pain and distress. He was Executive Director of the charity Fund “Fair aid”, which she created in 2007. He was a member of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights.

    This is not the tragedy, which would not have responded the heart of Elizabeth Glinka. Her Foundation provides financial support and provides medical care to dying cancer patients, poor patients of non-oncological profile, homeless. In 2010 Elizaveta Glinka exercised on his behalf the collecting financial assistance to help victims of forest fires. In 2012, Glinka and her Foundation was organized collecting things for flood victims in Krymsk.

    Starting in 2015, during the war in Syria, Dr. Lisa repeatedly visited the country on humanitarian missions — engaged in the delivery and distribution of medicines, provision of medical care to citizens of Syria.

    Elizabeth Glinka left her husband and three children, one of whom is adopted.