The tragedy in Serpukhov: Mama killed five girls in a coma

Трагедия в Серпухове: мама убитой пятилетней девочки впала в кому The parents decided to bury their daughter at home in Tajikistan. However, the mother’s hard to accept the tragedies in her family – five-year-old girl was killed in the suburbs, and another child is struggling with cerebral palsy. Women’s health passed, now she is in a serious condition.
Трагедия в Серпухове: мама убитой пятилетней девочки впала в кому

On 23 July it became known that in the suburban town of Serpukhov a crime has occurred – 28-summer Alexander Semin abused and then murdered five year old girl. Her body was found near the railroad in a sports bag with stab wounds.

Girl’s family is originally from Tajikistan – the parents took the child’s body to the funeral there. As it turned out, this is not the only test, which fell to the lot of spouses, they raise a daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy. The girl’s mother is so hard going through the loss that now threatened her own health.

“The mother of the murdered girl is now in serious condition. She is in a coma. She was so not very good health, she had suffered greatly due to another ill daughter, who doctors have diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the tragedy of her permanently crippled. Now the family is in Tajikistan. They flew home to bury her daughter. We’re waiting for the father of the family throw out a date convenient for them to return to Moscow. I’ll buy them plane tickets,” says lawyer Michael Mushailov.
Трагедия в Серпухове: мама убитой пятилетней девочки впала в кому

As it turned out, earlier, local residents complained about Alexander Semin. They suspected that the young man needed help, because his behavior caused concern – he looked suspiciously towards the children, could afford on the street to drop my pants. But the police on the signals did not respond – now, and in this respect is under investigation, and against the district, a criminal case.

Perhaps more careful attention to Semin on the part of law enforcement could help to avoid the tragedy, because in 2008-m to year he has tried to find a service in police, and even trained for six months. But its not made Alexander not passed psychological testing.

Now the suspect will also have to go for a medical examination. The lawyer of social movement hopes that Semin will not be able to avoid punishment for the abuse and murder of a little girl. Besides, according to his information, the young man had a driver’s license, which does not give people with mental disorder.

“Semin raped the girl and then dismembered the child’s body, put the remains in a bag and threw it in the ravine, as it is now written everywhere, and put the bag on the rails in the hope that it will drive the train and throw away from the mound. That is to say, that this man unreasonable, probably not. The foolish will not know how to conceal the crime and to confuse the investigation. We hope that if he is found sane, he will go to prison for life. At least we know we can achieve,” – said Mushailov.

Lawyer admitted in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, that is now on the grief of the family from Tajikistan, and trying to cash in scammers who published accounts ostensibly to help the parents of the girl.