The top 10 beauties: they are married to themselves the stars of KVN

Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН 8 Nov famous game turns 55. “StarHit” was rated the most beautiful KVN members ‘ wives. It seems that the main jokers of the country should always get to the point, but no. Their spouses and friends are told when they were no laughing matter.

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      1 place

      LAYSAN UTIASHEVA is the wife of PAUL WILL

      Command: “Valeon Dasson”

      Family experience: 4 years children: 3-year-old Robert and one-year-old Sophia

      When Rosie gave birth to her son, Paul sat in the car. And at the time of the daughter he slept. “The doctors assured that before birth a couple hours and you can rest. Taking the word literally, I’m instantly turned off, – Will shared on the show “Evening Urgant”. – However, everything happened faster. The midwives woke up shouting: “Come out! Gave birth to!” But I couldn’t. I have a stiff neck and legs, got up from the couch and immediately fell down! Sat on the floor and could not rise. In the end, my daughter waited for turns on your feet.”

      2nd place


      Command: “Burnt by the sun”

      Family experience: 9 years children: 6-year-old Estella and 4-year-old Elina

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      Michael plays the wife regularly. “In June we flew men to rest, – shares with “StarHit” Margaret, friend of the couple. – Sitting with Vic, waiting for a flight. And then the announcement on the loudspeaker: “passenger of stefanec and Danielova departing to Barcelona flight number 2638, you are asked to urgently go to gate 32″. We got scared, grabbed the bag. But stopped: why we declare at the girlish names? At this moment, breathless with laughter, there was Mike and my husband.”

      3rd place

      CATHERINE is the wife of ARARAT CESANA

      Team: “Team of RUDN”

      Family experience: 3 years children: 2 year old Eva

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      Ararat is always trying to please Kate, to please her. However, sometimes his good intentions go sideways. “We have two months we lived together, and one morning Ararat warned that after work will go to an important meeting, – says Ekaterina “StarHit”. Midnight, and its still there. Started calling every 15 minutes, and in response: “the subscriber is switched off or out of network coverage”. I was frightened: suddenly something happened. Three hours came with flowers. It turned out that the Ararat back to my jeweler for the ring on your sketch. He pulled out his box and hastily made an offer. All grievances suddenly vanished, and I shouted, “Yes.”

      4 place


      Command: “Desolata youth”

      Family experience: 3 years children: 2-year-old Anastasia

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      In 2013, almost immediately after the registration of the wedding couple got a nasty surprise. It turned out that two days before their wedding, the court invalidated the divorce Garik Kharlamov with his first wife Julia. Christina, who was pregnant, remained calm and only once commented on the unfortunate situation: “Guys, I to give birth soon, I now have other concerns. Well terminated marriage… what? Happen. I’m gonna get a tea cookie.” Spouses still had to get a divorce, annulling the painting, but both treated it philosophically. Kharlamov has smoothed things over with ex-wife Julia, by paying her impressive monetary compensation. And the newly married Christine Asmus.

      5th place


      Team: “Team Of St. Petersburg”

      Family experience: 4 years children: 3-year-old Veronica

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      The first joint vacation wife spent cruising the Mediterranean filled with adventure and surprises. “The night I experienced the horror, the storm – says Snatkina. – In our cabin all the things from the table fell to the floor, everything was shaking. Victor could barely close the sash window, which flapped in the wind. Then the ship and all gave such a roll that we lay down on the wall!” The horror of this picture added that the day before the couple learned of the pregnancy Ani. “While I desperately prayed for our unborn child, Victor tried to stop the panic for its heroic calm. The next day, he admitted: “I Think the end has come!” His words seem to be shared by all the passengers of the liner. And I once again thought that life is beautiful, Lord!”

      6 place


      Team: “Team of RUDN”

      Family experience: married 4 years children: 3-year-old Temujin

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      One day, on a wedding anniversary, Sangadzhi decided to make a surprise favorite. “The night before, he ordered a huge bunch of balloons were tied top gift, shoved everything in the closet – says “StarHit” Sophia, a friend of the family. – As planned, in the morning, Tatiana had come to push the door… and she would be showered with these balls. But there was a force majeure! The middle of the night one of them burst, so loudly that Tanya got scared and ran into the next room to check on son. Fortunately, he was fast asleep. For several hours she searched for the cause of cotton until Sangadzhi slept peacefully. The birthday girl in the morning was all broken… Now when friends ask for advice on how to surprise your beloved, he recalls this event and says, “not the balls!”

      7th place

      ALENA is the wife of STAS YARUSHINA

      The command “County town”

      Family experience: 5 years children: 4-year-old Stephanie and 2-year-old Yaroslav

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      A month after Dating Stas played Alain. “I flew to my parents for the holidays – says Yarushina. – January 3 rings Stas, confesses his love and says he’d come to ask father for my hand: “Food. Flight so-and-so” and laughs. A friend rushed to the airport. The plane arrived, everybody had left and he was gone, the phone disconnected. I realized that it was a hoax. Kom came in his throat. But suddenly I saw Stas – he was hiding behind a huge bouquet of flowers. And then I burst into tears, but from joy!”

      8th place


      Team: “Team Of Pyatigorsk”

      Family experience: married 4 years children: no

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      Screenwriter and producer Simon Slepakov gives a lot of time working, so often returns home after midnight. Wife tries to wait for the wife but it does not always work. “One day Simon came home, when Karina was asleep, – says Alexander, a friend of the couple. – Not wanting to Wake his beloved, he bent down to kiss her cheek, to straighten the blanket. When Simon – a man of very large and high, close to her face, Karina instinctively felt something, opened his eyes and suddenly cried out! She sleepily didn’t recognize her own husband. Surprise even hit the Seeds, but as soon as I realized what was happening, rushed to hug and kiss!”

      9th place

      Angelica is the wife of ALEXANDER REVVA

      Command: “Burnt by the sun”

      Family experience: married 9 years children: 8-year-old Alice and 3-year-old Amelie

      Рейтинг 10 красоток: они женили на себе звезд КВН

      The couple met 26 Jun 12 years ago in Sochi. Three days later, Angelica had almost dropped Sasha. “He surprised me, says “StarHit” spouse Revva. – Questioning what to prepare, replied: “Then all will know. Enjoy the moment.” Led me to the terrace, there were a lot of people. Little did I know what Sasha is, to me, he was just a guy. Here entertainer and announces the team of KVN “Burnt by the sun”. Appears on the scene he and Misha Galustyan. I suddenly realize that fell in love with-witted. First thoughts were: “he’s Got a lot of fans, and they all try to seduce”. But fortunately, Sasha convinced me of the sincerity, and all doubts immediately vanished”.

      10 place


      Command: “Maximum”

      Family experience: 7 years children: 6-year-old Timothy, the 4-year-old Fyodor, 11 October the son was born

      In 2008, in the quarterfinal of KVN games of Mikhail and Andrey burkovsky was a role play and a “meet the girlfriend” – both tempt one. Burkovsky to get rid of the opponent, asks: “And how’s Kate?” Bashkatov by the time for several months, nursed by Catherine, and everyone knew it. His answer shocked many friends: “Puppies Katya. Three.” “After the broadcast the family asked me not to get upset – says Ekaterina with “StarHit”. – I don t care, it was tough, on the verge of, well, a sense of humor that helped. And it turned out to be prophetic – October 11 we had our third son. So not to be offended, and rejoice!”