The Timothy’s mom told about the problems in the family

Мама Тимати поведала о проблемах в семье
Mother of popular singer Timothy Simona Yunusova actively maintains his blog, communicating with subscribers.

Мама Тимати поведала о проблемах в семье

The woman tells users to “Instagram” about how brings the beloved granddaughter of Alice.

According to Simone, her childhood was difficult. She was unable to win the love of a birth mom. The parents really wanted a boy, and she was born.

Мама Тимати поведала о проблемах в семье

“Dad really wanted a son, even the name was ready – Simon (that was the name of my grandfather). But, alas. When the Mother said that the girl was born, she sobbed until the morning… She wanted to live up to the trust of a loved one! Probably, at that moment I didn’t care, but then the stories about this somehow gets to the heart… I was called a rare foreign name is Simon, it apparently resonated with the semen…

And dad loved each other once and for all. Like all moms, my fed, cared and treated. I wrote that dad was a musician, and when by age three it was discovered that the girl has pronounced musical ability, it’s brought us together even more”, – said the woman.

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