The Timothy’s mom explained the situation humiliated by Anastasia Reshetova

Мама Тимати объяснила ситуацию с униженной Анастасией Решетовой
Simona Yunusova said why not came to the defense of daughter-in-law.

Мама Тимати объяснила ситуацию с униженной Анастасией Решетовой

Anastasia Reshetova

Photo: @volkonskaya.Instagram reshetova Anastasia Reshetova

The last day in social media vigorously debated the insult Ksenia Sobchak Timati bride — Anastasia Reshetova. During the live broadcast leading MUZ-TV-2018 allowed himself a cheeky comment about the model: “I think, “my God! Poor Simon Yakovlevna! (Timothy’s mom — approx. ed.)” What must she feel?! Grow up boy, kid, small, but with such ceremony will go. The horror!”

Timothy and his mother laughed in response, but Anastasia felt humiliated. “We all smiled, until it was the realization that Xenia said…” — commented on the incident later Reshetova. The next day she devoted to this scandal another publication: “One of the most useful life skills — is the ability to quickly forget all the bad: not to dwell on troubles, not to live grievances, not to revel in irritation, not to conceal malice. It is not necessary to pull different stuff in his soul.”

Timothy, with daughter Alice and mother Simon Yakovlevna

Photo: Social networks

Curiously, Timothy, neither during the ceremony nor after Sobchak has not commented. The mother of rapper his position was supported. Fans of the musician say that Timothy did not act like a man and looks pathetic in this situation. “A pitiful sight when strangers interfere in someone else’s life. Even the live audience show not all! — explained the position of his family Simon Yakovlevna. The next day she went with her granddaughter Alice on nature and once again commented on the scandal. “The more I think about the recent event, the farther in Mikhaylovskaya want to run away with Alice. There just beautiful, dignified and truly!” writes Timothy’s mom.