Вор, ограбивший Риту Ору, получил тюремный срок

In November last year, singer Rita ora has gone through a lot of stress. In that time, she and her sister Helen were sleeping in their house, made their way back to the attacker.

26-year-old burglar named Sharaf Aladdin were in the house Ora in London for the purpose of robbery.

Guy coveted expensive shoes of the singer, her gadgets and designer bags. But to escape with the loot he has failed, because hearing the noise in the house, Rita called the police and police arrested the attacker. Today it became known that the court as to what punishment to impose Sharaf has already taken place. The jury found the guy guilty. The next five years Alamuddin will spend behind bars.

Note that this is not the first offense of Sharaf. He has already served time from 2006 to 2011. And later was caught trying to sell pictures of the deceased actor from the franchise “Harry Potter”.

Recall that Rita Ora was hospitalized.

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