The ten commandments of Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Десять заповедей Дмитрия Хворостовского
Rules of life of the famous baritone.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

On judges and condemn

“All artists are very vulnerable, insecure and sensitive to criticism, so always try to Express their opinions very carefully, knowing that tomorrow he can be in the role of deprecated”.

About the Russian audience

“For a Russian musical art has never been only a fashion fad or an element of enjoyment. It is an integral part of life. That’s why demand that my audience was always there with me, could come to the concert.”

About America and Americans

“The Americans are sure that the States and the centre of the world, and everything else, alien planet, Mars. It should be taken calmly, without a smile. What can you do if people live in captivity of stereotypes? The wider horizons, the tolerant and loyal attitude towards others”.

On books and the Internet

“Don’t like reading from the monitor screen. Prefer the classic paper version. I have a lot of Russian books. Carried them from Moscow with a suitcase.”

About love TV

“I like TV when it’s off. In the end, for information is the Internet, there can be and learn the news”.

About the rules and exceptions

“He made it a rule never to give a categorical answer. Then suddenly change your mind?”

About high and low

“It’s important for me to keep a professional level, not lower the bar — whether it’s Opera house or stadium. No low genres, because the skill is always”.


“I can’t apologize, it’s almost never
mistakes were made. Justified by the fact that this is a defensive reaction of the organism.
I think all real artists — people without skin”.

On the men’s crises

“Not everything I want to say out loud. Crisis, which usually happens in men of forty years, I successfully passed, did everything to become stronger and wiser. I did it…. But closer to fifty years did not save…”.

That will leave son

“In addition to Russian, I have to use English, Italian, French, but my son probably still will dominate the French, because it says my wife. In any case I will try to make the son know the native language of the father.”

According to the magazine “Itogi”

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