The Telegraph congratulated John and Mary Watson with the birth of his daughter

The Telegraph поздравила Джона и Мэри Ватсон с рождением дочери

The closer to the premiere of the new season of “Sherlock”, the more interesting steps dare the creators of the series.

Despite the fact that the entire plot of “Sherlock” has not been disclosed, some of the details we known. For example, in the fourth season of doctor Watson and his beloved Mary become parents. The announcement of this joyous event was published today in the British newspaper The Telegraph. Note that the message in the newspaper the most that neither is real.

So, page edition published congratulations to John and Mary Watson on the birth of a girl named Rosamund Mary Watson.

The message published on behalf of the friends of the couple: Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper and Sherlock Holmes.

By the way, Holmes and then stir. As they say in the message, Sherlock had not participated in the preparation of the greetings as “constantly fiddling with his phone”. Famously twisted plot…I Wonder what way we are implying coronary?