The team of “Revizorro” lost the court

Команда «Ревизорро» проиграла суд
TV channel “Friday!” have to pay “tested” the restaurant more than half a million rubles.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: photo from personal archive of the Lena Fly

The project team of “revizorro” lost the case in Arbitration
the court of Vladivostok against the Moscow fast-food restaurant “Royal Burger”. Arbitration
court of Moscow has obliged the TV channel “Friday!” to reimburse the plaintiff for litigation expenses in
size 693769 thousand rubles. By the way, at the end of 2015, the owner
the restaurant has won court under the claim about protection of business reputation, which demanded
to accept the opinion of leading Elena bats his institution is not relevant
reality and discrediting the honor and dignity. The indignation of the representatives of
fast food is called the leading word: “Cakes you have long ago deteriorated”, “I
I’m sure that there are some cockroaches”, “So you poison people
machine oil…”

It seems that the command “Revizorro” will not soon want
to look again at Vladivostok. In the same city, but at another restaurant
the conflict occurred in a new host of Olga Romanov. After checking
local teahouses Olga went to the police with a statement about the application of her beatings.
A counter statement was filed and the employee of the restaurant.