The team of Oleg Tabakov received a total of 70 apartments

Подопечные Олега Табакова получили 70 квартир The Director believed that young actors need help. Oleg Tabakov asked the mayor to provide housing for artists who are just beginning their journey. He also organized a Fund and pay scholarships to talented students in Saratov.

Exactly a month ago, on March 12, did not become a famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov. For several months he was in the hospital. It was connected to the ventilator. It was said that the artist has blood poisoning and syndrome deep stun.

For a couple of ten years Oleg Pavlovich ran two theatres – the Moscow art theatre Chekhov and the famous “Snuff-box”. Artists who have worked under the famous Director, noted that he was always a generous man and wanted to help those in need. As it turned out, my actors, he was provided with apartments in Moscow. After his conversion to the mayor of the capital, the young people got their own estate.

“Over the last 10 years and at the Moscow art theatre “the Snuffbox” there are a lot of young artists. They were all without homes, living in the hostel. A few years ago, Oleg Pavlovich went to the mayor and asked that he be given a total of 70 apartments. And all received in the housing property in the [district of Moscow] to Sochi. One family was given the “kopeck piece” and even “treshki”. He always said that we should “put young on the wing” – not only to give them a role, but to ensure the life,” – said the former assistant Oleg Tabakov, Olga Henkin.

The staff remembered that at some point, the Director decided to open a charitable Foundation. It was originally put there the money received from ticket sales and from donations.

Vladimir Mashkov will replace Oleg Tabakov in his theater

“In 2004, I went to Oleg Pavlovich with a request: my child needed an expensive hearing AIDS, each for fifteen hundred dollars. He gave them the money no questions asked. I was 99 percent sure that it will. After some time I again needed hearing AIDS and he again helped me out,” recalled fitter Edward Grey.

Oleg Pavlovich has not forgotten about his native land – the city of Saratov. Of his personal money he paid scholarships to the two best students of the local Conservatory. Theater critic Anastasia Arefyeva remembered that last year decided to publish a book for the 100th anniversary of his grandfather, Opera singer Boris Technoscope.

“We put together a book and asked Mr p. to sign the letter. And he says: why, I have a Foundation, I will help you to publish it. In fact the book was published thanks to him. Personally they’ve never met, but in his youth, in Saratov, Oleg Pavlovich saw him on stage,” admitted the woman in interview with “Medusa”.