The teacher, the soloist of “Leningrad”: “From-for it me two years filled up with angry letters”

Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами» The woman told about the reproaches of his colleagues and students. According to the teacher, she often hears the question: “what did you do to Victoria?”. Alina Foy told of the childhood of the soloist of one of the most scandalous bands.

      Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами»

      The group “Leningrad” has released an eight-minute video for the song “Glasses Sobchak”. The main character of the mini-film was the 22-year-old soloist of the team Sergey Shnurov – Vasilisa Starshova. The first teacher of the singer, a vocal coach told “StarHit” began as a creative way girls.

      Ksenia Sobchak provoked robbery of a brothel

      “We parted ways when she was 14 years – says the head of the show “Zebra” Studio Alina Foy. The parents decided that it needs to be an independent creative life.”

      Today Leningrad, headed by Sergei Shnurov is at the peak of fame and is one of the most popular bands in Russia. However, this fact played a cruel joke with the music teacher that worked with a soloist for ten years.

      “A lot of people sending me hate mail, saying, “What are you doing with Vasilisa?”, “you ruined it”, “it was such a good girl, how could you?”, “Aren’t you ashamed?”, continues Alina Foy. – And I do not have any relationship. But everyone knows that I raised this child. Teachers and heads of ensembles attacked by curses and disturbances in social networks. Less now, but two years ago, the negativity and flowed into my address”.
      Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами»

      Before his joining to the group, blonde self wrote songs and released a bold video for the song JustSayHello. It Starshova appears as a schoolgirl, which puts an electric kitchen appliance under my skirt and leaves blood all over the dining room of the institution.

      “It was a great surprise and disappointment, when I went to such a song where in the video she was covered in blood. Do not follow her work. I understand she is trying to find its niche, do it for this is all the data. But I hope it will pass, and with time she will sing songs that everyone understands, not those that will only shock the audience”.

      Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами»

      In the young ensemble at the municipal House of culture of the city of Shlisselburg, 4-year-old Bob led the mother of Valentine. Almost immediately the girl began to participate in children’s vocal contests. But to Express yourself has turned out not at once.

      “We were upset, worried, but then the situation changed dramatically. From 9 years old Vasilisa took only the first places and the Grand Prix. It was the contests of the highest level. In the competition “Way to the stars” Sergey Savenkov, where he once defeated Katie Topuria, Starshova took the Grand Prix. It is considered, if you win it, the rest will be a force,” explained the teacher.

      Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами»

      Young Vasilisa Starshova quickly gathered an impressive number of awards. Many teachers vocal put it in an example to his disciples.

      “Often we are not even recorded in their group, and more age category, – says Foy. – I wanted to test myself and to give an opportunity to other guys. A peers, when I saw our name on the list, literally started to cry from frustration. Competition “Idols of the 21st century” took singers from 15 years. Vasilisa was originally under all – then she was 13 but we were allowed to participate. When she sang at the competition, the jury did not believe his ears, and the hall was buzzing that actually singing is not this girl. Behind the scenes, too, all talked about the set up, looked askance, were confident that playing the “plus” – ready soundtrack. We asked the leadership to give the opportunity to sing all the same a Capella”.
      Педагог солистки «Ленинграда»: «Из-за нее меня два года заваливали гневными письмами»

      This year’s team, which has increased the soloist of group “Leningrad”, celebrates its 20th anniversary. As recognized head of the model of “Zebra” Studio, she always tries to teach children to sing with heart and soul that they grew human. Today, many of its graduates work in the theatres of St. Petersburg.