The tarragon from “the battle of psychics” Alexander Kirinov: “not afraid of Death, fear for loved ones”

Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных» Member of the mystical project on TNT wants to earn on the apartment. Alexander Kirinov in the near future wants to get married. A young man helps people and not take money for their services, but I’m glad of gratitude.
Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных»

Alexander Kininova only 27 years old, but in his native village of Naumovka in the Saratov region, he has helped hundreds of people who approached him. Sasha wonders on the cards, predicts the future and sees the past. Regional casting the 18th season of “Battle of psychics” on TNT guy sent mother. To her own surprise, Kininov went and got on the show! The psychic said “StarHit” about first love and popularity in the Moscow metro.

As it turned out, their abilities Alexander manifests in everyday life. “I live in the village, so often help find missing cattle: sheep, cows. Wonder for the future. Once came a girl, asked when will the children. Maps showed “poor”, that is in two months. Later she called back and said that I incorrectly interpreted the signs during the session, the lady was already on a two-week period. Not always able to correctly interpret… we still Have to learn,” – said the psychic.

Like many psychics Alexander looks into the future. He believes that any prediction is needed in order to understand how to correct the situation.

“I do not wonder, and never did. In General, the fate is in our hands. Fix all you can, if you want to. Divination only need to know the future and to fix it. Not afraid of death. The betrayal was there. Probably, are afraid for their families,” – said Kiinov.
Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных»

Now the young man lives with his parents. He admitted that in his family all the relatives were doctors, but Alexander chose a different path. A psychic is recognized that often makes predictions for the future for native people.

“Before, we lived in a semi-detached house on one side uncle, his wife, on the other – our family. I predicted that they will sell the house and move. And so it happened – remember the psychic. – Now in the city live in the village and I stayed one Yes grandpa. He is 80 years old, looking for him. Mom works, my sister is studying, so they temporarily moved to the city of Balakovo, where they filmed the apartment.”

Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных»

Alexander admitted that he dreams to create his family. He’s looking for an honest and sincere girl. According to his confession, it is surrounded by many friends, however, until he met the one you would like to get married. However, the young man realizes that he will have to support a wife and future kids.

“With my height 157 cm like tall girls. Honestly, I want some stability, children, although I have a little afraid, – says Alexander. – While I have nothing to offer a girl. Because not getting married. To the family, it is necessary to stand on their own feet. Of course, I have a farm – sheep, rabbits, chickens. But it is unlikely that a modern girl is interested. I have a car “seven”.
Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных»

The young man admits that in his village there is no free Internet access, so, unlike today’s youth, he started a page in one social network, and therefore to get in touch with him not so simple. Kininov admits he does not always take money for their services, although uses all abilities in order to help people who were in trouble.

Таролог из «Битвы экстрасенсов» Александр Кинжинов: «Смерти не боюсь, опасаюсь за родных»“Conscience does not allow, but if you give, do not give up. There are different situations. For example, grief in the family, with finances bad. Of course I’ll help for free, since people came. But asking myself I never will. For this reason, do not open their own office, as in this case, you will have to take the money,” – said the young man.

Alexander’s dream is to reach the final of the project “Battle of psychics”, but not dreaming about the first place. He’s glad of the thousands of applicants could become a member of the popular mystical show. The young man confessed that he did not want to make friends with rivals, and deals with all the same neutral.

“Can’t someone call the main competitor, as it is not seen how they work. But everyone is strong in their own way. Allocate Constantine Hecate, a girl Sonia, Marina Zuev,” – said Alexander.

Kininov admits that “the Battle of psychics” opened for him a lot.

“Glory makes itself known. Not to say that I’m so popular, but getting a lot of laudatory messages. In Moscow in the subway recognize me. This year, for the first time in the capital visited”, – concluded the young man.