Сказку Нади Ручки издадут в Скандинавии
Singer presents his new book.

Nadia Handle

Photo: personal archive

Nadia Pen is known not only as
the soloist of group “Brilliant”,
but as a poet and author of literary works. A special place in her
literary work is tales. In the past year, written to her
fabulous work “the House of the Soul”
it was published in the USA. In a short time the book became one of the bestsellers on the website
Amazon.com not so long ago
was released additional copies in English. But with
edition tales in Russia has not yet obtained.

“In Russia
the publication not really came out, but I’m not beating hard, — said Nadia Handle. Once gave the manuscript to
the reading of the editor of one publishing house and received from her a very personal letter
bunch of confusing to me, “offense”, I realized that it’s not time for my
tales here. I ordered a professional translation
in English, wanted to send her the famous Japanese
the animator Hayao Miyazaki, in the hope that it will turn out OTL

cartoon important. While this project is under negotiations. About
at the same time to me in the social network received a letter from the American publisher
Michelle (Grimy) Reid, who initially became interested in my poems. Later, I
Dreama sent you my story, and she offered to let her out. She has
publishing in Portland. Drim has become my friend and my man
all is leveled. For me its rating is very important, it does not give me
to stop. And I realized that if Drim fell in love with my fairy tale, my
the works have a decent future. I soon was convinced. Michelle
released extra copies in the United States and offered the manuscript to his colleagues in
Sweden. They tale too much, it decided to translate to Swedish, Danish and
Norwegian. Soon the book will appear on shelves in Scandinavia. I really hope
that Russian publishers will turn their attention to it. But initially it
the work is written in Russian for our readers.”