“The tale end”: Ben Stiller, star of “Zoolander” has split up with his wife

«Сказке конец»: Бен Стиллер, звезда «Образцового самца», расстался со своей женой
Broke another considered as exemplary of the Hollywood marriage…

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor


Fans of popular Comedy actor Ben Stiller
struck by an unexpected and very unpleasant news: the actor took the decision to divorce from
his wife, actress Christine Taylor, with whom he lived for 17 years. “Keeping
love and respect to each other and the best memories of the 18 years that we spent together, we made
the decision to break up…” — said in a joint statement the pair.

The news was such a surprise because the marriage
Ben and Christine were considered to be just perfect. They raised two children —
15-year-old Ella and 12-year-old Quinlin and never tired of telling how they
they love each other. For all the time that Stiller and Taylor were together, never
any rumors that any of the spouses having fun “on the side”.

When Ben and Christine met, he almost
instantly fell in love with her. “I remember that he managed to think: “How good it is, and what
bright personality!” And my next thought was, “I love her!” — told
actor. This insight, as
admitted Ben, shocked him, like the “bombshell”. But to do Christine offer, Stiller
had the courage. The fact is that before you make an offer
beloved, Ben decided to ask Taylor her father. It happened when he
preparing for the filming of Comedy
“Meet the parents”, and dad Christine to horror reminded Stiller hero
of the film, played by Robert De Niro… However, Ben managed to cope with their
nerves, and in the spring of 2000 he and Taylor got married in Hawaii.

Ben and Christine once said that the main quality
allowing them to maintain a happy marriage, it was their sense of humor. It helped
them cope with any troubles and adversities. The most serious trouble was
a frightening diagnosis that put Ben doctors three years ago prostate cancer. To
fortunately for Stiller, his illness was discovered at a very early stage and
the doctors were able to achieve full recovery. And, as he told Ben,
what Christine gave him invaluable support and helped to cope with