The Swedish Royal family continues the incredible “baby boom”

В шведской королевской семье продолжается невероятный  «бэби-бум»
Princess Sofia soon give birth to the sixth heir of the king for five years.

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Swedish Princess Sophie, wife of Prince
Charles Philip, son of king Carl Gustaf, is pregnant again! As reported by the publication although changes in the figure of the Princess is not yet noticeable, was announced, another
the young heir to the throne will be born in September. This news surprised
all, because only last spring, Sofia gave birth to son Alexander.

As stated by the official representative of the Royal
yard, the whole family is eagerly awaiting replenishment. By the way,
the army of the young heirs to the throne (different order of succession) is increased
with record speed. The child, who soon will give birth to Sofia, will be the
the sixth young Prince (or Princess), born in the last five years!

In addition to Sofia and her husband, during this time managed to get
offspring and two other children of king Gustav. The immediate successor of
the throne, crown Princess Victoria gave birth to two: a universal favorite, the charming Princess Estelle (2012) and her brother Oscar (2916 in March). Younger sister Victoria, Princess Madeleine, also worked on the extension
the Royal family: she gave birth to Princess Leonore (in
2014) and Prince Nicholas (summer 2015).